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Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen

'Green News Report' - January 29, 2015

Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen | January 29, 2015 | Green
IMF calls for end to fossil fuel subsidies; PLUS: Some good news: fracking banned in Scotland, and great 'Fox News' for a change!... All that and more in today's Green News Report!
Heather Taylor-Miesle

Cory Gardner's Wind Hypocrisy

Heather Taylor-Miesle | January 29, 2015 | Green
I keep looking at this image from Sen. Cory Gardner's campaign ad of him in the middle of a wind farm claiming that he supports the next generation and suggesting that he'll support clean energy.
Richard Robbins

How Accurate Are Weather Forecasts?

Richard Robbins | January 29, 2015 | Green
In light of the great Blizzard of 2015 that wasn't, we might look at how accurate are weather forecasts and especially long-term forecasts.
Tim Profeta

The Climate Post: U.S.-India Climate Agreement Less Substantive Than U.S.-China Climate Deal

Tim Profeta | January 29, 2015 | Green
Rather than committing India to cap its emissions, the U.S.-India deal called for "enhancing bilateral climate change cooperation" in advance of the United Nations effort to reach an international agreement on emissions and finance in Paris in December.
Charles Swenson

NASA Sounding Rocket Studies the Invisible Aurora

Charles Swenson | January 29, 2015 | Science
The basic idea behind this flight was to launch a rocket into an active aurora and then deploy multiple sensors in mid-flight to do something that's never been done before.
Lucy Cooke

Extraordinatory Photos and Story of Potty-Trained Sloth

Lucy Cooke | January 29, 2015 | Green
Sloths are famous for their eccentric bathroom habits, but this resident of a sanctuary in Suriname, really takes the... bidet.
J. L. Morin

There's More to the Oil Crash Than Meets the Eye

J. L. Morin | January 29, 2015 | Green
As New York shakes off another dose of the climate change reality dealt by winter storm Juno, many are beginning to re-appreciate the forces of Nature and the power of public policy.
Karen Dawn

Why I Love the Go Daddy Puppy Commercial

Karen Dawn | January 29, 2015 | Green
Finally an ad that shows the truth about breeding. Animal advocates are protesting this? They should have produced it.
Rescue Idiot

Dachshund Born Without Front Legs Gets Wheelchair

Rescue Idiot | January 29, 2015 | Good News
Bubbles the dachshund was born without her two front legs, so her owners took it upon themselves to give her the opportunity to walk and play like never before.
Vrinda Manglik

On Overseas Coal, Will the World Bank and U.S. Government Pass Their Own Tests?

Vrinda Manglik | January 29, 2015 | Green
Will the U.S. Government and World Bank Group stick to their word? Or, will they show that coal finance is an addiction they're just not ready to give up?
Carl Pope

A Modest Proposal to Suppress the Whiskey Rebellion and Heal American Politics. (With Apologies to Jonathan Swift.)

Carl Pope | January 28, 2015 | Green
San Juan, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Why not a Commonwealth of Texas? That thought occurred to me reading about political stalemate in Washington while celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Sierra Club's vibrant chapter here.
Keith Peterman

Climate Change in Context; Science, Policy, Political Will, and Commitment

Keith Peterman | January 28, 2015 | Green
Climate change is a civilization challenging issue that requires a global consensus and legal obligation to act. Demand that our country put commitments on the table now for the upcoming UN climate conference in Paris. If the US leads, the rest of the world will follow.
Michael Brune

Good News for the Arctic, But...

Michael Brune | January 28, 2015 | Green
Even though Obama wants climate action to be one of his presidency's chief legacies, he's not yet ready to base his policies on what actually needs to be done. In this case, he has taken two big steps forward with the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and then followed up with an ill-advised step backward on offshore drilling.
Richard (RJ) Eskow

Anti-Koch: The Fight for Green Energy Is a Fight for the 99 Percent

Richard (RJ) Eskow | January 28, 2015 | Politics
It's getting harder to defend our economic and environmental interests against the corrupting influence of campaign cash. The struggle for a fairer economy is inseparable from the struggle to protect the planet -- and both will be more successful once we've removed big money from our political process.
Aiko Stevenson

Three Minutes to Midnight

Aiko Stevenson | January 28, 2015 | Green
With only 180 seconds left before the minute hand strikes midnight, the four horsemen and the apocalypse may soon be before us. That's according to the symbolic doomsday clock which inched two minutes closer towards midnight last week. Announcing the shift, Kennette Benedict, the executive director...
Rescue Idiot

Backlash Forces GoDaddy to Pull Super Bowl Puppy Ad

Rescue Idiot | January 29, 2015 | Impact
GoDaddy is facing strong backlash over their latest Super Bowl ad. The ad stars a puppy who gets lost. When the puppy finally makes it home, the owner is thrilled. Why? Because she'd just sold the puppy online using a website she built with GoDaddy.
F. Kaid Benfield

Suburbs of Survival, and the Democracy of Placemaking

F. Kaid Benfield | January 28, 2015 | Green
Those of us who style ourselves as "urbanists" -- myself included, much of the time - tend to get a bit snobbish and condescending about, you know, ordinary people.
Maria Rodale

If It Can Rot, Eat It

Maria Rodale | January 28, 2015 | Green
Fresh food -- the stuff of life that nourishes, builds, and heals and that, with its rich abundance of nutrients, should make up the bulk of a healthy diet -- boasts a fundamental difference from its prepackaged and processed cousins: It is able to rot.
Belinda Waymouth

Plastic: It's What's for Dinner

Belinda Waymouth | January 27, 2015 | Green
If it hasn't been incinerated, every piece of plastic ever produced is still with us. There is no time for any species to biologically adapt to cope with plastic, including us. We have to make an effort to culturally evolve with way less plastic.
Miyoko Sakashita

Why Is the 'Climate President' Approving More Oil Drilling?

Miyoko Sakashita | January 27, 2015 | Green
Last week, President Obama rightly declared in his State of the Union address: "No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change." This week, the Obama administration announced plans open up the Atlantic Ocean to oil and gas drilling.
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