09/19/2011 07:26 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2011

Charlie Sheen: Ripe And Ready To Be Roasted (VIDEO)

Looks like the warlock is still winning. After generating, then dominating headlines all year for his outspokenness and unconventional romps--you've read the Tweets, become addicted to the "downward spiral" updates, wondered about the live-in "goddesses" and all that Tiger's Blood--Charlie Sheen walked out of his Comedy Central Roast sizzling if not intact, relatively unscathed and seemingly pumped up for the future.

The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen
airs Monday night on über hip Comedy Central, the same evening CBS premieres its Two And A Half Men reboot sans Sheen, now uploaded with hunk Ashton Kutcher.

The dais was, naturally, filled with spirited folks, and some of the posse were relative newcomers to the Roast scene. Out: Lisa Lampanelli. In: Amy Schumer. (Keep watching this one, she's got spunk.) Somebody stellar: Anthony Jelselnik (He turned heads at the Trump Roast). Somebody surprising: Mike Tyson, who, perhaps not intentionally, gave birth to the most curious piece of stream-of-consciousness performance art the Roasts have seen in some time.


Who's left? Plenty more, but one must note funny guy Seth MacFarlane, who continues to prove that he and fame make for good bedfellows. This was MacFarlane's third round as roastmaster. Great joke: "How do you get fired from Two and a Half Men? Do they haul you in and say, 'Sorry, you don't suck enough'?"

As for Sheen, look for him to deliver an attention-grabbing speech at the end of the show--you'll watch because you can't take your eyes off this stuff.

In the meantime, there were plenty of goddesses on hand--the red carpet was filled with them. Hell--even Brooke Mueller, Sheen's ex, was on hand strutting down the carpet prepared for battle--but not with her ex, of whom she occasionally sang the praises.

Up next for Sheen: the big screen outing A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charlie Swan III. There's also buzz still brewing about Sheen's TV gig--the revamp of the 2003 Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson flick Anger Management. Stay tuned.

I worked the red carpet like a pop culture banshee. (You're welcome.) Take a peek (below).