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Snooth: 5 More Popular Wine Questions

Posted: 01/18/11 03:14 PM ET

It seems like popular wine questions are an endless resource! Though the truth is that shouldn't be a surprise. Wine is about as complex as you want to make it. There are so many wines, so many issues and so much detail that is available to learn, that it is very much an endless topic, generating endless questions.

I'm tackling another five today, with more to come. So, if you have a wine question -- and trust me, there are no stupid wine questions -- feel free to ask away in the comments. Just as an aside, there are stupid wine answers, and I've been collecting several. It's amazing what some wine "experts" have to say -- almost as bad as those dreadful "predictions for 2011" that annoyed me more than a little last week!

How can you quickly chill wine?
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This is one of the most common questions ever! It usually comes after an entirely unsatisfactory reply to the question, "Do you have one of those instant wine chillers?" Chilling a bottle of wine is actually a pretty simple and easy process.

Here's what you do to get it chilled quickly: Grab a bucket and plant your bottle in the center, add a layer of ice around the base of the bottle and cover the ice with a few tablespoons of salt; keep repeating, alternating layers of ice and salt until the bucket is full. Now fill the bucket with cold water. The salt will drop the temperature of the water well below freezing, providing you with the rapid cooling you need. Give the bottle a few gentle spins every few minutes to help even out the cooling effects. Your wine should be ready to pop in 15 minutes.
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