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The 10 Most Common Wine Questions

Posted: 12/03/10 03:13 PM ET

There's no doubt that wine can be confusing, with so many wines, with so much to learn about each one. But the most common questions I get about tend to be about wine in general, and the answer to some of these questions are surprisingly simple. Should you worry about the crystals in your white wine or the sulfites on the label? Of course not, because wine is good for you right? So which one is the best for me then, and which is simply the best?

So confusing and so many questions! Take a look at the answers to 10 of the most common wine questions!

What's the deal with screwcaps?
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Screwcaps, actually known as Stelvins in the trade, are quickly replacing natural cork in many wine bottles. Natural corks are, well, naturally irregular. Some produce great seals, others less so, resulting in different bottles of the same wine behaving differently as they age. In addition, natural corks are prone to becoming corked: a chemical reaction, which can happen when bleaching corks, that imparts wines with a taint known as TCA. Screwcaps are perfectly uniform and provide a perfect seal for your wine, avoiding the issues that might arise with cork-finished bottles. Many high-end wines now use screwcaps, and they are the wave of the future.

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