Maldivian Democratic Party Youth President Arrested

I received information earlier today that Shauna Aminath, president of the Maldivian Democratic Party Youth Wing, has been arrested and is currently been held in prison custody in the Dhoonidhoo detention island. Reports from the MDP indicate that the charges against her are not yet know. She was picked up around 6:15 p.m. MVT and a video of her forceful arrest was posted on YouTube. At this point, Shauna has not been allowed to see a lawyer.

Shauna was my senior at Westminster College and soon after graduation, she returned to the Maldives to work at the Minivan news. After the election of President Nasheed, she joined the government to work on climate change and energy policy. Shauna was a rising young leader in Maldives and rose to the rank of Deputy Undersecretary in the president's office and lead representative from the Maldives to the UNFCCC climate change negotiations. Her role in the climate change movement was featured in the film, The Island President.

Friends and supporters of Shauna do not know what condition she is in at the moment. We need you to raise your voice and help us secure her release. Since President Nasheed was ousted from power in February this year, the democratic tide in the country has been under threat. Shauna has become one of the leading voices in the non-violent, pro-democracy movement in the Maldives. Please sign the Avaaz petition calling for her release.

To get updates about the situation, visit the website of the Maldives Democracy Movement.

Latest Update

Information reaching me indicates that police commissioner Abdulla Riyaz has told his police to do anything they can to minimize the casualties within the police in response to the direct action protest organized by the MDP.

Shauna was released on Saturday on condition she does not participate in any protests for the next 21 days.