Turkey Celebrates PM as 'Conqueror of Davos'

05/25/2011 01:00 pm ET

Originally published on GroundReport.com, the global citizen journalism platform.

ISTANBUL: A supporter held a banner outside Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport yesterday, proclaiming Turkish Prime Minister Tayyab Erodgan, who returned home Saturday, "The Conqueror of Davos."

Some 5,000 people, waving Turkish and Palestinian flags, gathered at the airport to welcome Erdogan upon arrival.

Israeli PM Shimon Peres and Erdogan butted heads at the World Economic Forum in Davos when discussing the recent Israeli seige of Gaza, which left 1,300 Palestinians dead.

"You kill people," Tayyab Erdogan told the 85-year Israeli leader, "I remember the children who died on the beaches."

Tayyab Erdogan grew angry when the panel moderator cut off his remarks in response to Peres's passionate defense of the Israeli offensive against Hamas in Gaza. Erdogan later said, "I will not come to Davos again."

Later Erdogan stressed that he left the stage because he was not given enough time to respond and complained he was given 12 minutes to speak compared to Peres's 25.

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