12/08/2009 01:09 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Energy Legislation: Moving to the States

Pennsylvania State Representatives Greg Vitali and Bryan Lentz's press conference addressed the military and national security importance of House Bill 80. Pennsylvania is picking up the challenge presented by energy and climate change. At the press conference, Operation Free members and supporters addressed the national security risks and why legislation like Pennsylvania's HB 80 is needed not just to create jobs but literally guarantee the future of the states and the nation.

State Representative Lentz is a member of Operation Free and an Iraq War veteran. Since his return from Iraq, Bryan dedicated himself to government and national security issues not just in Pennsylvania but nationally. Operation Free's bus tours across the nation are educating people of all political views on just how critical energy legislation is to our country. Their newest advertisement is going up soon. See it below.

As a member of Operation Free and as a former international energy executive, I urge everyone to understand just how exposed the United States is in the international security and economic environments.