16 Tired Movie Cliches

09/07/2011 02:19 pm ET | Updated Nov 07, 2011

Watching movies in the United States has taught me a lot about the culture and the language. When I first arrived to this land 11 years ago, movies were the single most useful tool in learning about America. Not only was watching movies educational, it was also fun.

In college it was the best escape. I had no trouble locking myself in my dorm room and playing movies back to back. Some days, I recall watching as many as three movies a day. Sad I know, but to be frank, I think my communication skills have gotten better as result of this addiction.

However, a gazillion movie later, I have begun to figure out the Hollywood formula for making movies. There are so many templates and characters most movie-makers incorporate in their movies. Movies are about stereotypes and such personalities make a point. Sometimes marketing is to blame for such cookie cutter roles.

If movie-goers can relate to a role, then they are most likely to go see the movie. Filmmakers use such characters because they know they work and that audience have loved such clichés in the past. So next time you watch a movie, chances are you will find one or two of those props. When it comes to Hollywood, creativity is not dead, but it comes with a lot of risks. Movie investors want to make money with little risk. Thus comes reincarnation of movies.

Here's my list of movie characters that feel tired.

  1. The hooker with a heart of gold
  2. The funny minority guy/gal
  3. The writer who hates people and loves dogs
  4. The quiet but strong ethnic mother
  5. The beat-up white homemaker married to an army officer
  6. The nerd/Southwesterner who spills the beans on those conspiracy and secret government programs
  7. The rude, yet charming, New Yorker in search of romance
  8. The gun-touting Southerner
  9. The thick-accented, history-aware militant Arab
  10. The easily-drunk, mace-carrying white chick
  11. The fictional "noble savage" who apologizes to the animals and trees
  12. The club-owning sleazy Eastern European, Greek, or Persian
  13. The passionate, educated white person who wants to spare the life of a minority person
  14. The sperm-spreading, starving and good looking artist
  15. The jerk who interrupts the dude/gal when they are about to confess something of significance
  16. The young man who has to choose between a gang lifestyle and getting an education

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