Egyptian Hacktivists and Entertainers

01/28/2011 02:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Reports of internet shutdown and outages has been heard all around Egypt, but it seems to be more of a selective outage of certain news and communication outlets.

Facebook has reported a decrease in log-ins from Egypt, and many subscribers including activists have reported trouble with the site. But, according to activists in Egypt, it seems for now they are sharing this link, Anchor Free, to a software that lets them access Facebook to override the system the government put in place. These activists claim to have succeeded in logging into their Facebook accounts. They confirm that their software to trick the system works on both Internet Explorer and Firefox. They say Facebook is slower, but it works. Here is the link for the software.

According to Alexa research, of the 20 most popular sites in Egypt, two of them are Egypt-based news sites:

# 11,, has not updated in more than 24 hours.
#12,, is completely shut down -- I have not been able to view this site for more than 24 hours.

But it seems that all entertainment and soccer news as well as mostly illegal file sharing sites are up and running just fine. Other news sites for major independent newspapers have also been down. The Egypt-based news and newspapers have vanished or do not update. So you might not be able to express your opinion, but you can still download pirated copies of Black Swan.

Anti-Government Egyptian Rap by Ramy Donjewan

This is a rap song with a very touching sideshow about why the people of Egypt are fed up and will not be taking it anymore. It's a very powerful rap that touches on the reality of life in modern-day Egypt.

Pop Star Haitham Nabil
This is a very short song, about one musical note, but many of the verses are about the people with a cause, and about rights and not giving in -- it's a call to do the right thing and ask for what you deserve. Haitham also calls for unity and that all powers and people from different walks of life ought to march. This is a declaration of war on injustice, poverty, corruption and abuses. Haitham is the first mainstream Egyptian singer to release a song in favor of the demonstrators.

Haitham Nabil - Sefr | هيثم نبيل - صفر