05/15/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A Cavalcade of Crappy Video Resumes: Must Prospective Employers Put Us Through This Indignation?

2010-03-11-0.jpgWith our current job climate, to get a foot up on the employment ladder it seems that job-seekers need to create a video resume.

Why do they put us through this?

It's a whole new ballgame when you get people who are uncomfortable in front of the camera having to tell perspective employers why they should be hired. Even better is when these job-seekers get "creative" and add cheesy special effects to their epic productions. If job searching weren't bad enough; the end result is usually something, not unlike, awkward. Many simply look like a deer caught in headlights as the camera tragically reads desperation.

Do video resumes crack you up? Make you sad? Is it a cruel task for job-seekers? Well, I put together a cavalcade of some of the worst. Must perspective employers put us through this indignation?