Is the Guy Fawkes Mask Industry Behind the Occupy Movement?

11/09/2011 05:05 pm ET | Updated Jun 14, 2012

Has the 1% stuck it to us again?

There's been some buzz lately in the conspiracy theory blogosphere: Are the manufacturers of the Guy Fawkes mask really the ones instigating the Occupy Wall Street movement? Sure, some say that the protests were started by the Canadian activist group Adbusters -- as a reaction to social/economic inequality and corporate greed. But is there a large hand puppeteering the strings?

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations have spread to all corners of the globe. The Guy Fawkes mask has become the face of the Occupy movement. These masks sell for roughly $9.99 apiece. Look at any photo or news clip of Occupy protesters from around the world and you'll spot dozens of people wearing masks of a man sporting a pointy beard, closed-mouth smile, and mysterious eyes -- a stylized version of the Englishman who tried to bomb the British Parliament on Nov. 5, 1605.

Just like greeting card companies starting Valentines Day -- to reap profits and boost the sale of their products -- there are a growing number of skeptics who say that the Occupy movement was launched by manufacturers of the Guy Fawkes mask, after they were left with a large surplus of the product when they failed to catch on as a Halloween costume in 2006 following the release of the movie, V for Vendetta.


Photo via Flickr user fotografar

Has anyone followed the money trail of who profits from the sale of Guy Fawkes masks? A little digging -- to some questionable conspiracy sites -- will present a clear link from the license holder of the V for Vendetta mask to Marvin Bush: brother of former president, George W. Bush. One can only ask: Is the Bush family profiting from the Occupy movement? Has an item that has become a protest symbol against corporate greed, really helping to stock the bank account of the Bush family -- keeping them in an endless supply of cowboy hats? Therefore, if each of the disenfranchised 99% buys a Guy Fawkes mask, that will make the Bush family the richest clan in the world.

I needed to find out more. Going to Amazon, I discovered that Rubies Costumes is the main online retailer of the Guy Fawkes mask. I called the company in order to expose THE TRUTH!

"We have no comment on that at all!" expounded a representative from Rubies Costumes, regarding the large number of Guy Fawkes masks that are sold on a daily basis.

What are they hiding? Who are they protecting? Someone is getting very rich off of sales of Guy Fawkes masks -- let's pray it's not the Bush family!