11/14/2011 12:45 pm ET | Updated Jun 14, 2012

Moofaces 'Does Lunch' Online

"I'm going to be talking to Kim Kardashian's people later today." Brandon Jay -- publicist for Moofaces -- tells me regarding Team Moofaces' new social networking venture.

I vigorously nod my head. Big things must be afoot. In Hollywood you know something is about to go down when a person is going to talk to some celebrity's "people." Why? Because only important people are spoken to through "their people."

A creative industry rule of thumb: who you know, matters! Hollywood is a town built on schmoozing and networking - where business deals are done over lunch and contracts are signed at the racquetball court. (Maybe not at the racquetball court - but you get the general idea.) Though, in these dark days of 2011, it's now all about the SMM and the SEO. (That should go without saying?) Creative Business deals can easily be done over the Internet - from the safety of the home computer. Besides, with soaring gas prices, what struggling creative professional -- for example a budding musician -- can afford to drive across Los Angeles "to lunch"? Enter into the social networking stratosphere: Moofaces. The site is like LinkedIn for Hollywood; it was only a matter of time before it came to this.

The InterWeb is scattered with niche social networking sites. Why there's GoodReads: for book lovers. Comic Space: for comic book artist and fans. Vampire Freaks: for the goth and industrial culture. Smoking Passions: a dating site for smokers. Dogster: social networking for pet owners. I'm sure people who love cowboy hats have their own cowboy hat social network. There's so many social networking sites out there that someone should come up with a social networking site called SoNet: a social networking site for people who run social networking sites.

Moofaces, though, seems like a good idea on paper - creating an online epicenter for like-minded creative professionals/students to schmooze, look for Gigs, post casting notices, and share advice. Now, instead of having people talk really loudly about their "projects" in coffee shops (and annoying me while I'm trying to enjoy my cappuccino), creative people can now do their social networking quietly from their laptop.

The mantra of the Mooface team - Tavares Robinsongreen, Richard Maya, Ozlem Bilis and Brandon Jay - is to create a place for creative students & professionals to link together . Still in its early stages, Mooface's job posting are centered on such job opportunities for actors, administrative jobs, bartenders, and extra jobs. But a larger vision is underway. Moofaces and their media brand Moofaces TV started to build relationships with such industry movers as MTV, Singleton Entertainment Corp, PopChips, and numerous amount of PR Firms around the world.

Moofaces launch is scheduled November 14th