10/16/2005 09:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I've plowed through the NYTimes non-apologia and Judy Miller's account, and two things stand out: one, that, as the Las Vegas Review Journal points out, Miller's dad Bill was the father of the Vegas lounge scene--I knew about him, but who knew they were related?--and, two, this passage from Miller's first-person narrative:

Before the grand jury, Mr. Fitzgerald asked me questions about Mr. Cheney. He asked, for example, if Mr. Libby ever indicated whether Mr. Cheney had approved of his interviews with me or was aware of them. The answer was no.

Excuse me? How does NYT reporter Judith Miller, who writes only about conversations with Cheney's chief of staff Lewis Libby, know what Mr. Cheney was aware of, and know it with monosyllabic certainty?