10/21/2005 01:06 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

"They Can't Tie Their Shoes Straight"

Okay, is it finger-pointing time yet? Today's Times-Picayune carries an interview with an angry, if not profane, Mayor Ray Nagin. His casino street notion for bringing back NO tourism quickly is DOA. Worse yet, he says, FEMA is slow-footing on bringing in temporary housing so that people who want to come back and work have a place to live.

(NOTE FROM THE FANTASY ASSIGNMENT DESK: Why no photos of the dozens of FEMA trailers at the NO airport that have stood empty for a month?)

While we bask in Marty Bahamonde's hour-by-hour account of Mike Brown's heckuva job, Nagin's money quote relates to current FEMA management: "They can't tie their shoes straight".

And, completing the dour trifecta, New Orleans District Attorney Eddie Jordan told WWL radio today that his office, already depleted, will run out of money in three months. At which point the DA:s office, currently operating out of three folding tables at the Royal Sonesta Hotel (!), will not have the ability to prosecute. Anderson Cooper, who returned to New Orleans this week, didn't seem to have much of this on CNN last night.