12/08/2005 10:15 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tookie vs. a Man Made Disaster

The debate over the fate of Tookie Williams, the now-repentent founder of the Crips (and convicted of four murders) is sucking up a huge amount of cable- and network-news time. He's a demi-celebrity, the governor who will decide his fate is a mega-celebrity, and the celebrities who are largely calling for the commutation of his death sentence are...well, celebrities.
So, you can search on air or cable, or Google in vain, for another medium to pick up today's seminal story from the Times Picayune, a semi-final verdict by several investigators on the nature of the Katrina catastrophe: making it simple enough for the mouth-breathers out there, the TP summarizes: "a man-made disaster". Which men?
Outside engineers, political leaders and many New Orleans residents now question the judgments and even the once-unassailable competency of the Army Corps of Engineers, which had final authority over the system. The corps and some of the same firms involved in the original design and construction of the levees are spearheading the effort to repair the system and already are planning to build stronger protections.
What this story needs, obviously, is a celebrity.