11/18/2005 07:54 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Woodward Ho!

Slate"s Jack Shafer was the first to point out this oddity about Bob Woodward's late arrival at the CIA leak investigation table:

What sort of journalist publishes a "statement" in his paper as opposed to writing a story? What sort of journalist refuses to talk to his own newspaper when making such a revelation, as Woodward did? Today's story reads, "Woodward declined to elaborate on the statement he released to the Post late yesterday afternoon and publicly last night. He would not answer any questions, including those not governed by his confidentiality agreement with source."

But today the story gets weirder. Because Woodward did talk to a major publication about his doings in the runup to this week's revelation--only it wasn't the Washington Post. It was Time Magazine.

This is double weird, because Time's arch-competitor in the weekly newsmagazine biz, Newsweek, is owned by--class?--the Washington Post.