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February 8, 2016


THOMAS SAMSON via Getty Images

A Mosquito Net Descends Across the Americas

The Zika virus has been in circulation in Africa for some time, but in the last two years it made a decisive crossing into South America. In any event, in this previously unexposed population it is producing a particularly horrifying havoc.

Tiny 'Lion' Celebrates Lunar New Year With Adorably Fierce Dance

Cute Dog
Facebook / สิบล้อ

Hawaii Braces Itself For A Potential Zika Outbreak

Earth Is Actually TWO Planets, Study Finds

Athena Image
Stocktrek Images via Getty Images

Castaways Return Home After 41 Days Lost At Sea

Athena Image
Shilo Watts via Getty Images

This Tiny Island Paradise Is So Gorgeous It's Not Even Fair

Nusa Lembongan

Strangers Rally To Save Pit Bull Who Was Dragged Behind A Truck

Valley Isle
Valley Isle Animal Rescue

Perfectly Timed Photos Capture 'Orbital Fireworks' Over Hawaii

© Copyright Starscape Gallery / Steve Cullen

Surfing Great Kelly Slater Saves Mom And Baby As Monster Waves Hit Hawaii

Maui Jaws
Twitter/World Surf League/Aaron Lynton

Japanese Food You Need In Your Life, And We're Not Talking Sushi

Athena Image
hawk111 via Getty Images

These Are The 10 Happiest States In America

Hi Al
Getty Images

Feds Scrap Grand Vision To Expand A Marine Sanctuary In Hawaii

Athena Image
Robinson Ed via Getty Images

Hawaii Considers Banning Gay Conversion Therapy

Athena Image
Marina Riker/Associated Press

There's A Huge, Icy Underworld Hiding Inside One Of Hawaii's Volcanoes

Ice Cave
Courtesy of Stephen Smith

11 Dishes From Southeast Asia That Americans NEED To Try

Nasi Goreng
GMVozd via Getty Images

Ghostly White Shark Dies On Beach

Luke Anslow
Luke Anslow

These Paddle Boarders May Be Luckier Than The Powerball Winners

Whale Breach Maui Paddle Boarders
The Reed Family/Beach Activities of Maui

4 Facts About The First U.S. Baby Born With Zika Virus Defects

Athena Image
FogStock via Getty Images

12 Marines Missing In Hawaii Declared Dead (UPDATE)

Marine Corps/Facebook

Politician's Use Of Tinder To 'Get To Know' Voters Completely Backfires


Jilted Bride Takes The High Road, Throws Reception For Homeless Women

Athena Image
imagenavi via Getty Images

Oceans Will Contain More Plastic Than Fish By 2050

Athena Image
Roberta Olenick via Getty Images

Badass Surfer Girl Catches Wave To Chase Down Burglar

Bernal Badass
Twitter/Westmont News

Hawaii Baby Contracts The First Case Of Zika Virus In The U.S.

Athena Image
sot via Getty Images

Hawaii Considering Housing Homeless People In Grass Huts

Athena Image
Linda Ching via Getty Images

There's A Record-Breaking Hurricane Tearing Through The Pacific

NOAA/National Weather Service


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