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July 6, 2015

What Living On Maui Has Taught Me About Life

The prices of everything in our country are higher. The cost of living keeps increasing while wages decrease. This can depress and keep you stuck, or you can use it as motivation to escape to a better life--no matter where that life is. You have a choice to make, and you decide what you believe is possible in your life.

'Tetris' Owner Takes Hawaii Home And Ranch Off The Grid

Henk Rogers

13 Ways Artists Around The World Have Interpreted The American Flag

Jasper Johns Flag
Carl Court via Getty Images

11 Tips And Tricks That'll Guarantee An Amazing Fourth Of July Cookout

Hot Dog
Taste and Tell

Revolutionary Airplane Soars Over The Pacific Without A Drop Of Fuel

Solar Impulse
Solar Impulse

Drug Traffickers Get Creative When Mailing Meth To Hawaii

This Tiny Life Preserver Could Save Your Summer

Kingii Surfer
Courtesy Kingii

Hawaii Gets Nation's Second Ever Environmental Court

Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Hawaii Just Became The First State To Ban Plastic Bags At Grocery Checkouts

Plastic Bag
Marwood Jenkins via Getty Images

Maui Police Department Concludes Investigation Into Employee Who Allegedly Masturbated In Public

Police Car Stock
Honolulu Civil Beat

11 Fun Facts That Prove Octopuses Are All Kinds Of Astonishing

Octopus Jar

How One 'Mother Hen' In Hawaii Cares For 63 Homeless People At A Time

Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Maui County's Ban On GMO Crops Is Invalid: Federal Judge

Hawaii Lawmaker Who Smashed Homeless People's Shopping Carts Beaten Up By Group Of Homeless: Report

Tom Brower
Twitter/Honolulu Star-Advertiser

8 Hawaii Waterfalls That Will Enchant Your Pants Off

Sergi TA/500px

Truck Swallowed By Sinkhole Proves Hawaii Isn't All Paradise

Nick Grube/Instagram

Hawaii Governor Approves Traditional Hawaiian Burial Practices

Getty Images

Māori Dancers Slay Beyoncé Song With Indigenous Dance

Facebook/Paint Fade

"Mutual Respect And Aloha" On Mauna Kea, But No Meeting Of The Minds

Mauna Kea
Cory Lum


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The Swing At The End Of The World Is A Wanderluster's Dream Come True

Athena Image
John Coletti

What If We Treated Homeless People Like Potential Friends?

Gina Ryder

Underwater Photography To Relieve Your Summer Sweat Spots


John Oliver On 5 Years Of GOP Pundits Declaring The End Of Obamacare

Last Week Tonight

Now We Know How Many Craters Earth Has

Crater Count
Getty Images

Bear In Pool Can't Surf

Surfing Bear

You Might See Surfing And Karate At The 2020 Olympics

Jose Andres Sanchez /500px

Michelle Obama Shares Vintage POTUS Pic For Father's Day

Michelle Obama

You Eat Quinoa, But Do You Really Know What It Is?