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July 23, 2014

So, This Is What It's Like To Live On Mars

Stedman Hiseas
Ross Lockwood/HI-SEAS

Why Are People Fighting Over Honolulu's Skies?

Honolulu Aerial Banners North

Tourist Left Paralyzed And Stranded In Hawaii, Finally Gets Flight Back Home

Facebook/Big Daddy's Big Adventures

Maui Man Gets Drunk, Says 'I'm Going To Blow Up The Plane'

Lax Airport
Joseph Sohm-Visions of America via Getty Images

Mount Fuji May Be Ready To Erupt

Mount Fuji
Yoshikazu Tsuno via Getty Images

Deadly Cat Virus Outbreak Hits Maui For The First Time Ever

Cats Hawaii
Lysandra Cook via Getty Images

What Happens To The Thousands Of Shipping Containers Lost At Sea Every Year?

Shipping Container Study Mbari

Schatz And Hanabusa Face More Major Disagreements During TV Debate


Carly Scott's Jawbone Found: Source


Drunken Teen Causes Power Outages On Maui With Stolen School Bus: Cops

Maui Police Department

The Mysterious Part Of Molokai You're Not Allowed To See

Kalaupapa Grave
Sexy Keepers of Death

Alleged Murderer Of Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend Pleads Not Guilty

Steven Capobianco

We're Pretty Sure Pixar's 'Lava' Will Melt Our Hearts

Uku Lava Pixar

Japan And U.S. Navies Are Getting Along At RIMPAC

Maui Grand Jury Indicts Pregnant Woman's Ex For Her Murder

Carly Scott Maui

13 Times The Ocean Didn't Give A Damn About You

Surfer Wipeout
Warren Bolster via Getty Images

Horse Dies In Freak Accident On H-1


Well-Known Humpback Whale Killed In Boat Collision

Alaska Whale
ROBYN BECK via Getty Images

Americans Are Too Stupid For GMO Labeling, Congressional Panel Says

Rodney Davis
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Teen Charged In Stabbing Death Of Foster Mom On Oahu

Jolyn Kipapa

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How To Make A Poke Bowl Like A True Hawaii Local

14 Engagement Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Nature

Underwater Pic
Nick Pugay Photography

PHOTOS: Breaking Through The Surface Of The Sea


WATCH: The Fast And Easy Way To Cut A Mango

Rosemary Calvert via Getty Images

Honolulu Photog's Surreal Portraits Of 'Face-Peeled' People

Atis Puampai Slit Scan
Atis Puampai

Shark Bites Off More Than It Can Chew, Chokes On Sea Lion

YouTube / CadMonkey

Here's The Salary At Which Money Won't Make You Any Happier In Hawaii

Happiness Map
The Huffington Post

This Pro Surfing Pig Is Living Like A Rock Star


Will Trees That Glow Light Our Streets One Day?

Bioglow Plant

This Is What It Feels Like To Surf While 7-Months Pregnant

Holly Beck Obermeyer

Hawaii's Most Adorable Residents: An #AlohaHuffPost Roundup


This Surfer Has No Idea There's A Shark Underneath Him

Sup Shark
YouTube/Jukin Video

How Kaka‘ako Agora Beautifully Transformed The Community

The High Line Flyover
©Iwan Baan, 2011

Diver Saves Sea Turtle And Receives Adorable Thank You

Sea Turtle Thanks Diver
YouTube / GoPro

Still Haven't Been To The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet? We Don't Get You

WATCH: Millions Of Anchovies Form A Living 'Lava Lamp'

Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UCSD