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September 4, 2015

Kakaako Homelessness is Complicated. But is This The Best We Can Do?

Governor Ige and Mayor Caldwell, I've been hanging such hope on this new homelessness initiative you've started. It had such promise - bridging between state and local leaders and housing advocates, looking to the mainland for solutions that work, actually starting to talk about 'housing first.'

Guam Passes Legislation To Chemically Castrate Convicted Sex Offenders

Athena Image
Linjerry via Getty Images

Hikers Get Swept Off Waterfall In Flash Flood, Drone Captures Whole Thing

Flash Flood
Renee Lusano/Vimeo

NOAA Exploration Offers Front-Row Seats To Hawaii's Bizarre Deep-Sea Ecosystems

Athena Image
NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, 2015 Hohonu Moana

Arrests Of HPD Officers Point To A 'Culture Of Corruption'

Athena Image
PF Bentley/Civil Beat

Hawaii Police Destroy $575,000 Worth Of Guns To Keep Them Off Street

Athena Image
Bytmonas via Getty Images

Hawaii Teen Arrested For Bringing A Rifle To McDonald's Dispute

Athena Image
Hawaii News Now

Missing WWII-Era Shipwreck Finally Found In Waters Off Hawaii

Athena Image

College-Bound Teen Moved Into The Dorms In An Epic Way

Athena Image
ABC / WFTS Tampa Bay

Protecting Waikiki From The Inevitable Flooding Of The Ala Wai

Waikiki Flood
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Burning Soviet Space Junk Lights Up Skies Over Hawaii

Credit: Keck Observatory

Buff, Shirtless Men Will Serve You Food At Japan's 'Macho Cafe'

Athena Image

Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Sees A Mesmerizing River Of Lava

Lava River Kilauea
YouTube/Big Island Video News

Tandem Surfing Couples Are The Definition Of #RelationshipGoals

Tandem Surfing Wedding

Bethany Hamilton Writes Beautiful Caption About Postpartum Bodies

Credit: Instagram/bethanyhamilton

5 Oahu Towns You Should Visit, Besides The Obvious Waikiki

Athena Image
Barry Winiker via Getty Images

Hawaii Supreme Court Hears Case Against Controversial Telescope

Athena Image

Hawaii Just Had A Record Number Of Visitors -- Here's Why

Athena Image
Getty Images

Another Huge Sewage Spill, Another Beach Closure In Hawaii

Athena Image

New Underwater Discovery Gives The Great Barrier Reef A Run For Its Money

Athena Image
Credit: Parks Victoria

Monsanto's Bid To Become A Pesticide Giant Is, Thankfully, Dead

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

This Group Wants To Build A Giant Barrier To Pull Trash From The Pacific

Athena Image

Hawaii Official Recalls Virginia TV Shooter's Volatile Career

Athena Image
Credit: Huffington Post

Charming Vintage Photos Show The Waikiki Of Yesteryear

Surfing Diamondhead Vintage
Starwood Hotels


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Heartbreaking Photographs Show How We're Ruining The Pacific Ocean

Athena Image
Credit: AP Photo/New Zealand Herald, Mark Mitchell

The 10 Best Airbnb Pools From Around The World


'This Could Be The Rarest Animal In The World'

Athena Image
Credit: Peter Ward/University of Washington

NASA: Sea Level Rise Likely To Get Much Worse

Athena Image

Shark Attacks Kids In The House, And It's The Cutest Thing Ever


The 11 Most Zen Places On The Planet

Travel Zzen

Traditional Japanese Art Finds New Life On The Internet, Thanks To GIFs

Japanese Art Gifs

6 Of The Best Secret Beaches In The U.S.

17 Foods That Can Help You Live Longer

Athena Image
Alexander Spatari via Getty Images

Embarrassing Phrases Your State Googles More Than Any Other

Athena Image
Courtesy Estately