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July 29, 2014

Gov. Abercrombie Loves Him Some Google Goggles

Abercrombie Google Glass
PF Bentley/Civil Beat

WATCH: Maui Mayoral Candidate Refuses Arrest, Gets Tased

Maui Mayoral Taser
Maui Now/youtube

Here's What Happens At The World's Largest Nautical Wargames

U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Matthew J. Bragg

The Stunning Parts Of Oahu That Tourists Don't Get To See

Cameron Brooks

Who Should Regulate Hawaii's GMOs And Pesticide Use?

Civil Beat

103,000 Gallons Of Sewage Poured Into Kaisers, Other Surf Spots

Palolo Sewage Magic Island
PF Bentley/Civil Beat

Whose Kakaako? Construction Boom Leaves Behind Neediest Residents

PF Bentley/Civil Beat

Obama Lends Support To Gov. Abercrombie's Re-election Campaign

Obama Abercrombie
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

So, This Is What It's Like To Live On Mars

Stedman Hiseas
Ross Lockwood/HI-SEAS

Teen Pilot Dies In Plane Crash Over Pacific Ocean

Haris Suleman

Why Are People Fighting Over Honolulu's Skies?

Honolulu Aerial Banners North

Tourist Left Paralyzed And Stranded In Hawaii, Finally Gets Flight Back Home

Facebook/Big Daddy's Big Adventures

Maui Man Gets Drunk, Says 'I'm Going To Blow Up The Plane'

Lax Airport
Joseph Sohm-Visions of America via Getty Images

Mount Fuji May Be Ready To Erupt

Mount Fuji
Yoshikazu Tsuno via Getty Images

Deadly Cat Virus Outbreak Hits Maui For The First Time Ever

Cats Hawaii
Lysandra Cook via Getty Images

What Happens To The Thousands Of Shipping Containers Lost At Sea Every Year?

Shipping Container Study Mbari

Carly Scott's Jawbone Found: Source


20 New And Improved Names For Boring, Everyday Stuff


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9 Wise Quotes That Will Change The Way You See Your Life

Glowing Earth Photography via Getty Images

The Waimanalo 'Water Slide' Is Outrageous (And Illegal)

Waimanalo Water Slide
youtube/Brian Mercado

Death Metal On A Ukulele Seriously Rocks

Rob Scallon

Beyonce And Her Surfbort


Don't Try This Selfie At Home

Volcano Selfie
Andrew Hara / National Geographic YourShot

And Now, Seaweed Beer

Facebook/Three Tides & Marshall Wharf Brewing Co

Capitol Hill Discovers Hawaii-Themed Parties

Capitol Party

WATCH: This Guy Just Took Skimboarding To A Whole New Level


Extreme Surfing? It's Hawaii As A Mini LEGO Stereotype

Jeff Friesen

Bikini Secrets From Miami Swim Week's Top Designers

Mara Hoffman
Sergi Alexander via Getty Images

How To Make A Poke Bowl Like A True Hawaii Local

14 Engagement Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Nature

Underwater Pic
Nick Pugay Photography

PHOTOS: Breaking Through The Surface Of The Sea


Honolulu Photog's Surreal Portraits Of 'Face-Peeled' People

Atis Puampai Slit Scan
Atis Puampai