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July 28, 2015

VIDEO: Unbelievable Tandem Surfers in Hawaii

Meet World Champion tandem surfers, Chuck Inman and Lauren Oiye. The two athletes met less than 10 years ago on the beach in Hawaii, and neither guessed that eventually, together, they would be the best in the sport.

Hula Dancers Shut Down The Nae Nae, Hawaiian Style

Nae Nae

One Woman’s Adventurous Life, In 15 Jaw-Dropping Photos

Chelsea Kauai
Credit: chelseakauai/Instagram

Shark Kills Diver While Daughter Watches In Horror

Hawaii's 'Weeping Wall' Is A Misty Oasis Of Waterfalls

Credit: ahonuibowman/Instagram

Hawaii Lawmaker Who Smashed Homeless People's Shopping Carts Presses Charges Against Teens In Beating

Athena Image

17 GIFs That Will Transport You To Hawaii Right This Instant

Snorkel Hawaii Gif

Dolphin Won't Leave Dead Calf's Side In Heartbreaking Video

Dolphin Calf Death
Oceanomare Delphis

Surfer Sets Himself On Fire, Gets Barreled Like It's NBD

Surfing Jamie Obrien Surf Teahupoo
Jamie O'Brien/Instagram

A Glimpse Inside Hawaii's 'Forbidden Island'

Credit: YinYang/Getty Images

Hawaii Governor Opposes $4.3 Billion NextEra Deal Because Of Renewable Energy Concerns

David Ige

Couple Is Trying To Make Personal Shark Cages A Thing

Shark Outer Banks Cage

She Fought Hawaii's New Way Of Evaluating Teachers -- And Won

Police Kill Pregnant Cow Charging Through Hawaii Traffic

Honolulu Police Cow
Hawaii News Now/Instagram

Sake Cocktail Recipes That Will Instantly Brighten Your Summer

Athena Image
Linda Wagner

Pro Surfer Fights Off Shark During Competition

Surfer Fights Off Shark

11-Year-Old Driver Hits Woman With Car In Maui


The 17 Surfers You'll Meet In A Lineup

Surfer Surfing Lineup
Adam Hester

Loophole Undermines Hawaii's Historic Plastic Bag Ban

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii


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6 Perfect Places To Honeymoon And Leave Your Smartphone Out Of It

Athena Image
Getty Images/Tetra images RF

Brides' Maui Elopement And Underwater Shoot Are What Dreams Are Made Of

Athena Image
Love and Water Photography

This Is What It's Like To Free Dive With Whales

Whale Michaela Skovranova Cover
Michaela Skovranova

NASA's Kepler Mission Discovers Earth's 'Cousin'

Kepler Nasa Kepler 452b New Planet Planet Discover
NASA/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle

These Sea Sapphires Can 'Disappear' Before Your Eyes, And Scientists Finally Know How

Sea Sapphire
Credit: liquidguru/Vimeo

House Votes To Ban States From Labeling GMO Foods

Athena Image
ROBYN BECK via Getty Images

Five Volcanoes Erupt In Indonesia, Blanketing Skies In Ash

Athena Image
STR via Getty Images

Fox News Host Wonders Why We're Not 'Clearing The Water' Of Sharks

Brian Kilmeade
Fox News

This No-Bake Coconut Cream Pie Belongs In Your Summer Repertoire

Maren Caruso via Getty Images

All The Ways Shopping At Costco Takes You On An Emotional Roller Coaster

Athena Image
Pool via Getty Images