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November 29, 2015

The Keys to Hawaiʻi's Energy Future are in All of Our Hands

One of the greatest challenges our children and grandchildren will face will be the struggle for clean and affordable energy production. It is a concern on a global scale, impacting world economies and fueling political conflicts at a great cost to both the environment and human lives.

11 Ways Hawaii Feels Like A Foreign Country

Athena Image
Visuals Unlimited, Inc./Patrick Smith via Getty Images

Scientists Unlock Mysteries Of World's Most Massive Volcano


Sharks Celebrate Thanksgiving Early With Feeding Frenzy At Florida Beach

Athena Image
Tyra W./YouTube

The Best Makeup Guru In The Game Is A Teen Boy From Hawaii


Scientists Shocked (And Thankful) These Cyclones Missed Hawaii

Kevin Kodama/National Weather Service

Hawaii Moves To Ban Wild Performing Animals

Athena Image

Hawaii Residents Send 'A Hug' To Paris With Mile-Long Lei

Sherrie Austin/Cynthia Rose Foundation

Is This High School Football Tradition Epic Or Unsportsmanlike?

Kahuku Football Haka

The Big Secret About Hawaii's 'Secret Beaches'

Big Mac Sushi Is The Food Mashup You Never Knew You Wanted

Big Mac Sushi
Hiroyuki Terada - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef/YouTube

Pilot Error, Dust Blamed For Fatal Marine Osprey Crash At Bellows

Bellows Marine Corps Hawaii
Zane Dulin via AP

Forget Everything You Know About Honolulu And Go

Athena Image
Vito Palmisano via Getty Images

How To Talk To A Climate Change Denier

Climate Change
Huffington Post

Watch How Rising Sea Levels Could Swallow Coastal Cities

Athena Image
Climate Central

Tony Hawk Does First-Ever Vertical Spiral, Defying Age And Gravity


Scientists Map Acorn Worm DNA, And Learn A Lot About Humans In The Process

Acorn Worm
Ariel Pani/Marine Biological Laboratory

John Anderson, Oldest Remaining Survivor Of USS Arizona, Dead At 98

Athena Image
Kent Nishimura via Getty Images

Hawaii Calls In National Guard As Dengue Fever Outbreak Grows

Athena Image
auimeesri via Getty Images

Military Veterans Living In U.S. Territories Sue For Right To Vote

Micronesian Soldiers
Mark Edward Harris/Civil Beat


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