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Health Care Reform 2012: A History Of U.S. Efforts (SLIDESHOW)

  |   June 23, 2012

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court's upcoming ruling on President Barack Obama's health care overhaul law comes after a century of debate over what role the...

Dallas Man, Jonathan Woodlief, Learns That New Wife's Kidney Is Perfect Match For Life-Saving Transplant

  |   June 23, 2012

In an unlikely twist of fate, a newlywed man's life was saved when his wife turned out to be a perfect match for the kidney...

Guatemala Syphilis Study Lawsuit: Dismissal Despite United States Experiments On Natives In 1940s

  |   June 23, 2012

A federal court has dismissed a lawsuit fingering U.S. government-sponsored experiments that infected hundreds of Guatemalans with venereal diseases. From 1946-1948, the U.S. Public Health...
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