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June 30, 2015

20 Things I Have Learned Since My Son Was Diagnosed With Autism

Sometimes, doctors know exactly what we need. Sometimes they don't. Either way, only go to a doctor who sees you as a valuable partner in your child's health and progress.

7 Calming Quote GIFs To Get You Through Even The Worst Of Times

Mantras De Poder

8 Simple Ways To Eat Less Sugar

Sugar Bowl
Shutterstock / Sea Wave

Meet The Man Who Helps Hollywood Stay Sober

Jon Paul Lead
Angelo Costa

10 Ways To Combat Stress In Under A Minute

Stressed Out
Jason Homa via Getty Images

7 Mattress Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

How To Clean Mattress

Why We're Launching 'Black Health Matters'

Black Health
JGI/Tom Grill

The SCOTUS Decision That's Really Good For Mental Health

Gay Marriage
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Yes, 'Love Weight' Is A Real Thing

Getty Images

Joni Mitchell's Aneurysm, Explained

Larry Busacca via Getty Images

ICYMI: The Perils Of A Bad Mug Shot And Why STD-Testing Condoms Might Not Be That Awesome

Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

The Quality Of Health Care You Receive Likely Depends On Your Skin Color

Stockbyte via Getty Images

Most People With Pre-Diabetes Don't Know They Have It

Shutterstock / Celso Pupo

It's Time For Your Doctor To Get On Social Media

Shutterstock / Kostenko Maxim

Your Primary Responsibility in Life

Eckhart Tolle on Embracing Life's Challenges

Serg Myshkovsky
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5 Important Things You Didn't Know About Obamacare

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