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May 27, 2015

Summertime: The Perfect Time to Vaccinate

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Prevention is not only the least expensive form of medicine and the healthiest, it is also the friendliest and most neighborly. Be a good neighbor and enjoy your summer -- get vaccinated.

One Of The Most Common Illnesses In The U.S. Is Still Stigmatized

Maciej Frolow via Getty Images

How A Son Who Was Molested By His Father Found The Strength To Forgive


This Simple Yoga Sequence Will Help Anyone Build More Balance


The 9 Most Addictive Foods (And How To Stop Eating Them)


SIDS May Be Linked To Elevation

Taco Bell & Pizza Hut Axing Artificial Ingredients


Moms Stage NBC Nurse-In After Hoda Kotb's Controversial Breastfeeding Comment

Ben Trivett, Popeater

The Beautiful Things Music Does To Your Brain

Frank Micelotta/Invision/AP

Rhode Island Blames STD Spike On Hookup Apps Like Tinder


How To Get Your Money's Worth In Fro-Yo Toppings

Severe Infections In Childhood Linked To Lower IQ

Shutterstock / TheTun

Do Tops And Bottoms Have Different Risks When It Comes To HIV?

Shutterstock / meunierd

A Look At Being A Long-Term HIV Survivor Living In The Here And Now

Shutterstock / leolintang

Peeking Into Healthy Brains To See If Alzheimer's Is Brewing

pixologicstudio via Getty Images

New Jersey Man Dies Of Lassa Fever After Trip To Liberia

Healthy People Healthy Pets


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