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April 25, 2015

My Breakup Letter to My Health Club: I Don't Need You Anymore -- I've Met Yoga

Savasana microgen via Getty Images

Yes, after a 10-year codependent relationship where I over-invested and over-gave, while receiving very little in return, I am finally dumping you. And here is why.

8 Workout Struggles Of Tall Girls

Marathon After

Our Body Clocks May Tell Time By The Color Of Light

Looking Up At Stars
Babak Tafreshi via Getty Images

5 Nutrition 'Rules' That Should Make You Skeptical

Food Labelling
Monkey Business Images via Getty Images

9 Stability Ball Exercises You're Probably Not Doing

Pushup Stability Ball
Damon Dahlen/Huffington Post

8 Crucial Mistakes To Avoid When Going After Your Goals

Dirima via Getty Images

12 Things Every Introvert Wishes You Understood

Michael Avina via Getty Images

'Happy Sweat' Is A Thing And It May Be Contagious

monkeybusinessimages via Getty Images

10 Tips To Help Stay Mindful At Work


Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams Joins Potential Listeria Contamination List

Here Are 7 'Miracle' Products Dr. Oz Had Peddled

Dr Oz

The Key To Better Sleep Could Be In Your Head

Woman Sleep Mask

A Guide To Explaining Food Allergies To Your Clueless Friends

Farm To Table
Image Source via Getty Images

9 Ways We Can Improve Body Image For Men Too

Woman Crying
Getty Images

This Is Your Brain On Spring

Moof via Getty Images

My Conversation With Co-Sleeping Expert James McKenna

Dad Baby Sleep

Is Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity A Real Thing?

Glutenfree Diet
mikifinn via Getty Images

Sitting All Day Could Be Destroying Your Back, But This 2-Minute Yoga Pose Could Help

Yoga For Back

This Is How The World Sleeps On Every Day Of The Week

Family Sleeping
Jessie Jean via Getty Images

Why Second Opinions Matter

Shutterstock / Pressmaster

This Is What Stress Physically Feels Like


This Bike Helmet Will Fit Inside Your Laptop Bag


4 Ways To Change Your Sleep Game

Sleeping On Side
Hero Images via Getty Images

Here's An Explanation For The Connection Between Facebook And Unhappiness


6 Healthy Foods That Help Keep Your Hunger Pangs Away

31 Tips To Help You Sleep Better Tonight

Daly and Newton via Getty Images

5 Researched-Based Reasons To Be Kind

Julia Goss via Getty Images

Your Pet Can Make You Seriously Sick. Here's How To Prevent That.

Pet Human

Why You Should Always Inspect Your Asthma Inhaler Before Using It

Asthma Inhaler

By 2020, The Most Common HPV-Related Cancer Will Affect Men

Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF

6 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body

Hans Neumannself
Hans Neumann

10 Unexpected Life Lessons From A Small-Town Obituary Writer

Sunset Hiker
Getty Images

Celebrities Have Been Working Out A Lot Lately, And They Have The Instagrams To Prove It

Lena Dunham
John Shearer/Invision/AP

What We're Getting Wrong About Suicide

Sarah Small via Getty Images

Sleep Is the New Wonder Drug

Peaceful Sleep
IuriiSokolov via Getty Images

Woman Indirectly Struck By Lightning Sustains Rare Injury

Getty Images: iStockphoto
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The Most Fitness-Friendly Cities In America

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You Are Who Your Pet Thinks You Are

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10 Movie Mantras That Could Change Your Life

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ICYMI: An Infuriating History Of Breast Cancer And The Psychological Depth Of ‘YOLO'

Yolo Culture
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How Poor Sleep Might Shape Mental Health Later In Life


Having Both Depression And Type 2 Diabetes Increases Dementia Risk

Shutterstock / Alexander Raths

The Way We Talk About Mental Illness Needs To Change

savageultralight via Getty Images

A Simple, Science-Backed Trick To Calm Your Nerves Before A Big Presentation

Stress Work
PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou via Getty Images

The PSA About Beauty That You Need To See

Beautiful In My Eyes Psa
"Beautiful in My Eyes" / Lez Rudge

Adam Sandler Movie Inspires New Caregiving Method For Alzheimer's Patients

All The Ways Technology Can Influence Our Happiness, In One Chart


Measles Outbreak Linked To Disneyland Is Officially Over

Disneyland Measles
FREDERIC J. BROWN via Getty Images

7 Easy Ways To Boost Your Memory

Crossword Puzzle
Getty Images Blend Images

Parkinson's Patients Turn To An Unlikely Source Of Relief

Tango Dance
FRED PAYET via Getty Images

8 Tips For Your First Barre Class

Probiotics May One Day Be Used To Treat Depression

Probiotics Antibiotics Diarrhea
Getty Images

Kristen Bell: Facts Are Your Friends -- Vaccinate Your Children

Kristen Bell
Steve Granitz via Getty Images

Can Sleep Problems in Teens Predict Substance Abuse?

Teenage Girl Test
Andrew Bret Wallis via Getty Images