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January 31, 2015

Why Are People So Annoying?

The fact is that modesty, or even self-effacement, can be more effective than bragging in creating a good first impression. Most of us know this from being on the receiving end, yet we still err on the side of self-aggrandizement. But why do we get it wrong so much of the time? Here's where some new research may be illuminating.

9 Simple And Delicious Ways To Make Your Meals Just A Little Bit Healthier

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How To Feel More Energized Right Now

Feel More Energized
Zoonar RF via Getty Images

What's Really Happening In Your Brain When You Multitask

Multitasking Brain
YouTube:Dr Sood

The Idea That Milk Is A 'Perfect Food' Has Been Discredited

Chris Stein via Getty Images

8 Ways To Recommit To Your Fading Resolutions

Restart Health Goals
Alliance via Getty Images

4 Things You Probably Didn't Know About OCD

Eric Raptosh Photography via Getty Images

How Being A Sports Fan Makes You Happier And Healthier

Football Fans Seahawks

All It Takes Is 8 Minutes To Get Better Sleep Tonight

Meditation Sleep
Noel Hendrickson via Getty Images

Sorry, But If You Really Want To Lose Fat, Cardio Isn't Enough

Cardio Or Weights
jesadaphorn via Getty Images

6 Happiness Tips To Help You Overcome The Winter Woes

Happy Winter
Johner Images via Getty Images

5 Reasons We Should Stop Talking About 'Recovery' For Mental Illness

Hope Recovery Mental Illness
gruizza via Getty Images

Making Friends Online Could Help You Lose Weight

Lose Weight
rvlsoft via Getty Images

There Is No 'After' Photo

Weight Loss Photos
Sarah Warman

9 Panic Attack Myths We Need To Stop Believing

Volanthevist via Getty Images

Postpartum Depression Can Start As Soon As You're Pregnant

Pregnant Mom
moodboard via Getty Images

10 Thoughts Mentally Strong People Avoid

Mentally Strong
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

Teaching Kids Good Sleeping Habits Early Can Keep Them Healthy For Years To Come

Jupiterimages via Getty Images

5 Questions About Your Body That Are Nobody's Business

People Talking On Subway Train
diane39 via Getty Images

The 11 Biggest Health Benefits Of Sleep

Sleep Health Benefits
PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou via Getty Images

The Perfect Family-Friendly Recipe Under 800 Calories

Victoria Philips
Max W. Orenstein / Clinton Foundation

6 Tips To Help You Never Be Late Again

Running After Time
Photodisc via Getty Images

WATCH: Why Eradicating A Disease Is So Hard

Eradicating Diseases
The Huffington Post

Working From Home Is Good For You And Your Boss

Work From Home
Morsa Images via Getty Images

How To Get An Actual Workout While You're Shoveling Snow

7 Reasons You're Waking Up All Wrong

Waking Up Mistakes
Willie Maldonado via Getty Images
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Facebook Knows You Better Than Your Therapist

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4 Tips To Help You Say 'No'

Heart Health
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Why Some Women Are Giving Up Tampons For Good

Menstrual Cup
Raquel Camacho Gómez via Getty Images

How To Work Out With A Friend Without Ruining Your Relationship

How To Find A Workout Buddy
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John Lost 300 Pounds: 'My World Has Changed And I Could Not Be More Excited About The Future'

I Lost Weight
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This Doctor Slept In A Haunted House To Prove You Can Get A Great Night's Sleep Anywhere

Haunted House Sleep
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Here's Proof The Best Things In Life Are Free

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8 Things You Should Never Say To Yourself About Food

Food Self Judgment
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

Why You Should Try Not To Worry Alone

Worry Together
Jacquie Boyd via Getty Images

Use This Simple Breathing Trick To Fall Asleep (Almost) Instantly

Cant Sleep
KatarzynaBialasiewicz via Getty Images

7 Resilient People Who Should Inspire You This Year

Emma Watson
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images

Train Like A Superhero (Literally)

Tim Bobo via Getty Images

15 Easy Ways To Get Healthier Right Now

Winter Health
Vladimir Godnik via Getty Images

What's In A Dream?

Dreams Talk Nerdy To Me Science

Researchers Use Twitter To Track Heart Disease

Twitter Phone
The Washington Post via Getty Images

'There's No Shame' In Talking About Mental Illness

Pete Wentz
HuffPost Live

Overrated Exercises, And The Moves You Should Do Instead

Working Out
John Fedele