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July 7, 2015

11 Training Tips for Running Your First Half-Marathon

Fitness Chris Tobin via Getty Images

Running a half-marathon is all the rage these days, especially among women. So why are women rushing to the starting line?

What Deadlines Are Doing To Your Creativity

5 Things Labor Nurses Want You To Know

Emergency Room
Sam Edwards via Getty Images

Why Twitter Should Be Your New Weight Loss Coach

Workout Playlist
Cultura/Edwin Jimenez via Getty Images

Colorado's Teen Birth Rate Fell 40 Percent Thanks To Free IUDs

Getty Images

5 Phrases That Signal You're Making A Bad Choice

Annoyed Woman Talking 30s
Goodshoot via Getty Images

The Harm That Light Can Do To Your Sleep

Woman Dark Computer
1905HKN via Getty Images

23 Things That Feel Better Than A Facebook 'Like'

Sean Malyon

The Camera: An Introvert's BFF

Jennifer Mattern/QR drive

Foodies Tend To Be Healthier And More Adventurous

AFP via Getty Images

Here's What Happens To Your Body Over 24 Hours


Mammograms Don't Lead To Fewer Deaths, Suggests A New Study


8 Lessons We Can Learn From The Dalai Lama On His 80th Birthday


How The Quiet Revolution Got Started

Michael Glass

These Are The Most Active States In America


What It's Really Like To Have A Body-Focused Disorder

Healthy People Healthy Pets


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Brain-Eating Amoeba Kills California Woman

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Portrait Of A Quiet Conference Leader

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The G Word: Creating More Connection When The Word "Group" Alarms You

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4 Lessons I've Learned As An Introverted Black Girl

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