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December 29, 2014

Sugars: Become an Expert Sugar Detective

Saccharine lola1960 via Getty Images

Interpreting food labels is not always easy, but one simple tool will suddenly make grams of sugar more meaningful and will probably shock you.

5 Email Habits Of Highly Productive People

Email Times
John Lamb via Getty Images

Sasha Lost 153 Pounds -- And Has Just 17 To Go To Reach Her Goal Weight

I Lost Weight
Sasha George

15 Phrases That Will Change Your Life In 2015

Alija via Getty Images

6 Plyometrics Exercises For A Better Workout In Less Time

Plyometrics Exercises
Jason_V via Getty Images

Why Sleep Should Be Part Of Your Weight Loss Plan


5 Things Everyone Should Know When First Diagnosed With Cancer

Lighthaunter via Getty Images

States Where People Live The Longest

Christopher Kimmel

What Experts REALLY Think Of Weight Loss Resolutions

Weight Loss Resolution
Goldfinch4ever via Getty Images

4 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Treadmill Workout

Treadmill Workout
Andy Reynolds via Getty Images

Why Depression Is Underreported In Men

Men Depression
Hemera Technologies via Getty Images

Switch Your Sleep Positions To Ease Back Pain

Sleep Positions Back Pain
Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy via Getty Images

The 19 Best Health And Fitness Podcasts To Download

Best Health Podcasts
Jose Luis Pelaez Inc via Getty Images

Waking Up Too Hot Or Too Cold? Try These Easy Fixes

Woman Rubbing Her Eyes

55 Tips To Lose The Weight For Good

Weight Loss Tips
Erik Isakson via Getty Images

Can 'Sleeping On It' Really Help You Solve A Problem?

Sleep On It Problem Solving
Tay Jnr via Getty Images

101 Ways To End 2014 On A Happy Note

Women Celebrating
Sam Edwards via Getty Images

Worrying About Stuff Is A Sign Of Intelligence

Lynn Koenig via Getty Images

The 10 Best Health Books In 2014


The Best Way To De-Stress This Holiday Season

Happy In Winter
Sam Edwards via Getty Images

How To Deal With Aggressive People

Smari via Getty Images

5 Tips For Hosting An Allergy-Friendly Holiday Party

Family Celebrating Christmas In Black And White
Ariel Skelley via Getty Images

How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed (For Good)

altrendo images via Getty Images

Reasons To Practice Gratitude That Have Nothing To Do With The Holidays

Sam Edwards via Getty Images

Why We Get Depressed At The Holidays, And How To Deal

Sad Christmas Tree
by Andrea Pucci via Getty Images

23 Incredible Benefits Of Getting More Sleep

7 Science-Backed Ways to Give Better Gifts

Jupiterimages via Getty Images
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How To Apologize The Right Way

How To Apologize
nevarpp via Getty Images

What The NHL Mumps Outbreak Teaches Us About Immunity

Sidney Crosby
Mike Ehrmann via Getty Images

Why Having A Happy Vegan Holiday Matters

Vegan Christmas
AbElena via Getty Images

10 Superfoods Healthier Than Kale

Patrizia Savarese via Getty Images

This Will Make You Never Want To Use A Bar Of Soap Again

Bar Of Soap Germs
Olga Zanchurina via Getty Images

Why Even A 12-Month Ban On Blood Donations From Gay Men Makes No Sense

Blood Donation
GUSTOIMAGES via Getty Images

How Treating Sleep Apnea Can Also Improve Depression Symptoms

Sleep Apnea
yanyong via Getty Images

9 Things We Learned About Sleep This Year

Sleep News 2014
awayge via Getty Images

5 Ways To Beat The Holiday Blues

Holiday Blues
susaro via Getty Images

Your Family May Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts

Cake Crumbs
Evan Sklar via Getty Images

An Unexpected Exercise That Targets Belly Fat

Lifting Weights Belly Fat
Jose Luis Pelaez Inc via Getty Images

6 Of The Best Butt Exercises You're Probably Not Doing

How To Stretch For Better Sleep

Yoga For Sleep

8 Ways To Improve Your Life In 2015

Confetti Happy
Brad Wenner via Getty Images

Chad Lost 160 Pounds: 'So What If I Eat Too Much Today? I Try To Do Better Tomorrow'

I Lost Weight

10 Characteristics Of Lasting Friendships

Dinner Party
Flying Colours Ltd via Getty Images

The 10-Second Trick That Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight Loss
belchonock via Getty Images

How To Get A Better Night's Sleep (Even If You Sleep With A Blanket Hog)

Couple Sleeping
Le Club Symphonie via Getty Images