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April 28, 2015

In Support of Same-Sex Marriage


The Supreme Court should require the full recognition of same-sex marriage throughout this country. If the Court rules otherwise, whatever the legal logic, a clear injustice will result. And that injustice would damage the health and welfare of millions of Americans.

15 Essential Keys To True Happiness

The Digestive Perks Of Being A Vegetarian

Fruits Vegetables

How Getting More Sleep Can Help Solve Your Creative Problems

David Jakle via Getty Images

Americans Are Binge Drinking More, Especially Women

MIXA Co. Ltd. via Getty Images

3 Things I've Learned Watching My Sister Fight Breast Cancer

Justin Ricklefs
Art and Soul Photography Inc

Just A Single Hour Of TV Each Day May Affect Your Child's Weight

Fuse via Getty Images

What Stress Means For A Chronic Illness Patient

Image Source via Getty Images

You Want In On A Foodie Secret? Massage Your Kale.

Massage That Kale
YouTube/America's Test Kitchen

3 Tips To Master Push-Up Form

Antonio_Diaz via Getty Images

Kids Remind Parents They're Doing Better Than They Think In Uplifting Ad


Nepalese Girls Cook For, Provide First Aid To Thousands Of Earthquake Survivors


This Simple Morning Ritual Will Help You Feel Better About Aging


Bullying May Have Even Worse Consequences Than Child Abuse, According To New Study

Getty Images

Potato Salad The Likely Culprit Behind Deadly Church Potluck

Getty Images/Vetta

This Paleo Food Truck Parks Outside Of A CrossFit Gym. Smart.

Healthy People Healthy Pets


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Heartwarming Mother's Day Ads Let Moms Know The Impact They've Had On Their Kids

For Past 3 Years, Teen Has Carried Fellow Student Who Has Muscular Dystrophy To Class


17 Stunning Images Show Prima Ballerinas Balancing Motherhood With Their Dance Careers

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5 Ways To Live Life With More Aloha

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4 Easy Fixes To Solve The Worst Summer Hair Problems

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Why You Should Go To The Movies (And Do Other Stuff) Alone