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November 23, 2014

Give Thanks for Your Eyes: 7 Amazing Facts

Eyes Robert Daly via Getty Images

As humans, we're extremely visual creatures, so as you look upon the joyous gathering of friends and family prior to feasting, consider taking a moment to give thanks for your healthy eyesight as well.

How To Plan The Perfect Paleo Thanksgiving

Paleo Thanksgiving
Grace Clementine via Getty Images

3 Ways To Keep Your Cool During The Holidays

Stress Holidays
kathy wolfe via Getty Images

Eating More Hummus Could Help Put An End To Cigarettes

Cigarettes Tobacco Farmers
Photostock Israel via Getty Images

8 Whole Grains You're Probably Not Eating (But Should Be)

Whole Grains
FotografiaBasica via Getty Images

11 Ways To Enjoy The Holidays Without Stressing About Weight Gain

Enjoy Holidays

Another Good Reason Teens Should Get The Right Amount Of Sleep

Sleep Inflammation Teens

7 Tips For Surviving The Post-Marathon Blues

Marathon Training Relationship
Natalia-flurno via Getty Images

The 4 Most Powerful Lessons You Could Learn About Gratitude


10 Ways To Recognize Success (And Stop Beating Yourself Up)

Robert Daly via Getty Images

11 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Highly Sensitive People

Tara Moore via Getty Images

25 Simple Things You Feel Grateful For This Year


Here's Why Everyone Should Embrace Workplace Napping Right Now

Juzant via Getty Images

It Pays to Be Emotionally Intelligent

Brainstorming Meeting
Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

6 Reasons Why You Can't Out-Exercise An Unhealthy Diet

Exercise Bad Diet
Martin Diebel via Getty Images

17 (Science-Backed!) Ways To Make Quitting Cigarettes Easier

Image Source via Getty Images

5 Ways To Live Thankfully This Month

Thankful People
Kohei Hara via Getty Images

The Future Of Snoring

Sleep Apnea Symptoms
Getty Images

10 Tips For Healthier Grocery Shopping, From The Nutrition Experts Who Know Best

Grocery Shopping
UpperCut Images via Getty Images

9 Things To Do Or Say When A Loved One Talks About Taking Their Life

Tetra Images - Rene de Haan via Getty Images

3 Simple Tricks To Improve Running Form (And Have The Best Run Ever)

Improve Running Form

6 Risks You Won't Regret Taking

Jordan Siemens via Getty Images

Following An Ebola Burial Team In Liberia (PHOTOS)

Kieran Kesner
Kieran Kesner
HuffPost Reports

How A Former 'Queen Of Excuses' Lost 277 Pounds

Rhonda Before And After
Rhonda Martin
Healthy People Healthy Pets


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Amy Poehler Struggles With Sleep Just Like The Rest Of Us

Amy Poehler
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12 Poisonous Thoughts That Are Sabotaging Your Life


20 Things Successful People Refuse To Do

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How Stress Changes The Brain

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7 Ways To Cope With Disappointment

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Use This Trick To Conquer Temptation, From Dessert To Flirting

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3 Tips For Finding The Elusive Good Night's Sleep

Good Night Sleep
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11 Ways To Snack Smarter

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Your Kitchen Sponge Is As Revolting As It Smells

Kitchen Sponge

7 Small Tasks You Can Do This Week To Feel Less Stressed

Relaxed Office
Hero Images via Getty Images

How To Get Better Sleep With A Snorer

Getty Images/Image Source

If You've Already Cut Out Sugary Drinks, This Should Be Your Next Goal

Sugary Drinks
Image Source via Getty Images

Brian Lost 144 Pounds: 'I Wasn't Sure I'd Live To See My Daughter Go To College'

I Lost Weight
Brian Noonan

25 Truths We All Need to Remember

Woman On Bench
Robert Deutschman via Getty Images

10 Habits Of Good Sleepers

Habits Of Good Sleepers
Blend Images - Jose Luis Pelaez Inc via Getty Images

5 Ways You're Wasting Your Time At The Gym

Waste Time Exercises Gym
Trinette Reed via Getty Images

8 Healthy Snacks To Keep Hunger At Bay

Navigating Holiday Hell, Or How I Learned to Love The Holidays

Christmas Holiday
Tom Merton via Getty Images