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February 26, 2015

My Q and A With W. Chris Winter, Sleep Whisperer to Some of the World's Top Athletes

San Francisco Giants Sleep Michael Zagaris via Getty Images

Perhaps more than any other group, athletes have fully embraced sleep as a performance enhancement tool. Top athletes are, of course, all about results. So there's no better place than the world of sports to see the tangible effects of sleep (including pre-game naps) on performance.

How To Be The Best Work Friend

Professional Friends
Wavebreakmedia Ltd via Getty Images

6 Ways To Get Moving (Without Getting A Gym Membership)

Stand Up
ULTRA F via Getty Images

This Superbug Kills 15,000 People A Year. Feces Donations May Change That

Clostridium Difficile
Scimat Scimat via Getty Images

3 Myths About Sleep, Busted

Sleep Disorder
Xerv_II via Getty Images

For Younger Americans, Measles And Polio Seem Like Distant Threats

Joe Raedle via Getty Images

The 10 Most Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Chains

Allergy Friendly Restaurants
DreamPictures via Getty Images

Nope, You Can't Get A Cold From Going Outside With Wet Hair

Cold Wet Hair
Fuse via Getty Images

This Study Destroys The Myth That Cigarettes 'Relieve Stress'

Zoonar RF via Getty Images

9 Tricks To Learn From Super Sleepers

The Case For Clearing The Clutter From Your Life

Messy Desk
Robert Churchill via Getty Images

How To Tell If It's Seasonal Depression Or Just A Bad Mood

ChamilleWhite via Getty Images

Why One Woman With Lung Cancer Photographed Herself Every Day For A Year

Jennifer Glass
Jennifer Glass

Yes, You Can Actually Be Scared To Death

Scared To Death
ASAP Science

Diet May Be As Important To Mental Health As It Is To Physical Health

Food Brain
Tijana87 via Getty Images

5 Real Ways To Combat The Stigma Around Mental Illness

Mental Health
shironosov via Getty Images
HuffPost Reports

How Happiness Influences Our Health, In One Chart

Happiness Health

7 Ways To Help Someone With An Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder Support
Marco Regalia via Getty Images

The IUD Is Getting More Popular In America. Here's Why

Iud Birth Control
BSIP/UIG Via Getty Images
HuffPost Reports

The Most (And Least) Addictive Foods, According To Science

Sugar Food
PABimages via Getty Images

Everything You Need To Know About 'Superbugs'

BSIP via Getty Images

9 Ways To Fall Asleep Faster (Without Counting Sheep)

Counting Sheep
Snkan Hazr via Getty Images

Stacey Lost 75 Pounds And Counting: 'Find A Method Of Fitness That Fills Your Heart With Joy'

I Lost Weight
Stacey Beaman

How To Never Feel Burned Out Again

Work Tired
Alliance via Getty Images

The Top 10 Organic Cities In America

Organic Food Cities
Digital Vision. via Getty Images

How To Stop A Jealous Thought In Its Tracks

Fuse via Getty Images
Healthy People Healthy Pets


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Eat After Workout

Proof Even The World's Worst Meditator Should Give It Another Try

How To Meditate
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You're Not Losing Your Memory. You're Just Distracted

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The Role Dreams Play In Our Daily Lives

Sleep Dreams
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14 Things To Know Before You Start Meditating

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The Importance Of Adding Stress Relief To Your To-Do List

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Why A Good Night's Sleep Is The Secret To Success

Sleep Work Success
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Nutrition Experts Weigh In On The New Dietary Guidelines

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6 Exercise Mistakes You're Probably Making

Workout Mistakes
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7 Reasons You're So Sensitive To Caffeine

People Drinking Coffee
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The Least Healthy Thing You Do Every Day

Sitting Unhealthy
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The Grave Effect Of Too Little Sleep On Cancer Growth

Sleepless In America Cancer Growth
Cary Wolinsky via Getty Images

10 Rules Positive People Live By

Hero Images via Getty Images

Proposed Dietary Guidelines Support Your Love For Coffee, But Not Soda

Eggs Coffee Dessert
OlgaMiltsova via Getty Images

What 'Superbugs' Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae Do To The Body

Cre Bacteria

These Are The 10 Happiest States In America

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8 Ways To Burn Big Calories This Winter That Don't Involve The Treadmill

Happy In Snow
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