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May 30, 2015

Inside Huntington's

The discovery of the genetic mutation for HD in 1993 made genetic screening possible, and so every generation within an HD family "at risk" is burdened with an incredibly complex question: Do you want to know if you will get HD?

How Daydreaming Can Lead To More Creativity

Phil Boorman via Getty Images

Going Vegan Could Help Ease Diabetes Pain

Shutterstock / David Sprott

How This Badass Yogi Is Teaching Women To Love Their Bodies

Jessamyn Stanley

Why Finding Happiness At Work Is Crucial To Your Overall Well-Being

Confident Woman

This Poster Contains A Single Drop Of HIV Positive Blood

Hiv Postive Blood
Ogilvy Brazil

How Hawaii Became One Of The Healthiest States In The Nation

ICYMI: The Rise Of Trigger Warnings And What An Empty Inbox Says About Your Personality


Scientists Hacking Our Nervous System Discovered Something Incredible

©Job Boot

This Mindfulness Teacher Gets Results (Just Ask Kobe)


Breastfeeding Moms' Brilliant Response To 'Cover Yourself' Sign

Breastfeeding Mama Talk

Kathie Lee And Hoda Tackle The 'Give Me 10' Challenge


How Social Media Can Hide Signs Of Trouble Among Students

Wavebreakmedia Ltd via Getty Images

The Potential Disaster Bill Gates Is Working To Eliminate


Meet The Woman In Charge Of Making The U.S. Health Department Smarter

YouTube/Alexander Howard

Hooters Waitress Donates Kidney To Customer

Healthy People Healthy Pets


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Daily Meditation: In A Trance

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The Truth About What You're Putting On Your Bagel

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