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October 4, 2015

6 Celebrity Trainers Share The One Workout Move They Never Skip

Workout Moves Astrid Swan

We've all been there: You see an Instagram photo of one of your favorite celebrities after a workout looking super fit, and you think, Who's working that magic? The most likely answer: a personal trainer who is in even better shape than his or her famous clientele.

How Our Family Affects Our Happiness, In One Chart

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4 Ways To Get Energized Without Caffeine

Coffee Night
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3 Strategies For Bringing More Kindness Into Your Life

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5 Ways Your Body Actually Improves With Age

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12 Portable Vegan Snacks For When Hunger Hits

Lick My Spoon

ICYMI: Disappearing Amazon Tribes And Why Kids Hate School Lunch

Amazon Conservation Team

10 Ways To Make Your Choices Easier

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8 Tips For Running Safely And Comfortably (Enough) While Pregnant

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What Not To Say To People In Recovery

Athena Image
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Why It's So Hard To Admit When You're Wrong

Athena Image
NIKLAS HALLE'N via Getty Images

Yes, There Are Men With Anorexia Nervosa

Men Body Image
littlehenrabi via Getty Images

8 Myths About Ostomies Debunked

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Science-Backed Advice On How To Stop Sitting All Day

Work From Home
Morsa Images via Getty Images

Native American Youth Suicide Rates Are At Crisis Levels

Athena Image
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The Importance Of Sleeping Your Way To The Top

Female Masturbation
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

10 Reasons To Run That Have Nothing To Do With Losing Weight

Athena Image
lzf via Getty Images

Can You Ever Really Change Your Personality?

Caiaimage/Paul Bradbury via Getty Images

16 Ways To Beat That Groggy Morning Feeling

Athena Image
Alex and Laila via Getty Images
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