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April 1, 2015

My Q and A With Insomnia Expert Gregg Jacobs

Gregg Jacobs is an insomnia specialist at the Sleep Disorders Center at the UMass Memorial Medical Center and the author of Say Good Night to Insomnia. In answer to my questions, he shared his insights on how human sleep patterns have changed over time, healthier and more effective alternatives to sleeping pills, and how to reverse our worst sleep habits and behaviors.

Try These 2 Simple Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress This Instant

Yoga Video
Matthew Wakem via Getty Images

Researchers Discover New Source Of Airborne Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Texas Cattle

6 Ways To Exercise When You 'Don't Have Time'

Female Running
Yagi Studio via Getty Images

Oh, Just Another Healthy Reason To Drink Coffee

Coffee Liver Cancer
Dimitri Otis via Getty Images

Bad Day? This Chart Will Put It In Perspective

Tim Robberts via Getty Images

Here's Why You May Not Be Losing Weight On The Paleo Diet

bhofack2 via Getty Images

What We're Getting Wrong About Suicide

Sarah Small via Getty Images

A Fifth of College Students May Have ‘Exploding Head Syndrome'

Scared In Bed
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

An Unusual Coping Method Is Helping Nurses Find Peace At Work

Tetra Images via Getty Images

The Simple Hack That Will Help You Sleep Better This Spring

Radius Images via Getty Images

Every Monday, Two Psychologists Dish Out Free Therapy To Those Who Can't Afford To Pay


More Scientific Proof That Life Gets Better With Age

Happy Older Couple
MoMo Productions via Getty Images

7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself At The End Of Each Day

shironosov via Getty Images

How To Spring Clean Your Kitchen (And Your Diet)

Spring Clean Kitchen
olesiabilkei via Getty Images

The Navajo Nation Enacts The Country's First Junk Food Tax

Navajo Food
Bloomberg via Getty Images

15 Ways Your Environment Makes You Eat More (Or Less)

Environment Eating
Morsa Images via Getty Images

9 Ways To Sleep Better During Allergy Season

Daly and Newton via Getty Images

If Meditating Doesn't Work For You, Here's Another Way To Alleviate Stress

Showring Gratitude
Xavier Arnau via Getty Images

ICYMI: Gender Bias, Sleep Justice And Iceland's Genetic Experiment

DEA / S. VANNINI via Getty Images

What It Really Feels Like To Have A Panic Attack

chuwy via Getty Images

Laughter Can Make People Reveal Their Secrets

Laughter Health
Sharon Vos-Arnold via Getty Images

5 Important Mental Health Reminders As We Talk About The Germanwings Tragedy

JEFF PACHOUD via Getty Images

9 Ways Your Dog Knows You Better Than Anyone Else

Jupiterimages via Getty Images

Here's A Very Good Reason To Embrace Your Age

Happify Aging

This Is What Mental Illness Actually Looks Like

Anne Betton
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10 Commandments For A Smart And Simple Life

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Obamacare Has Already Transformed How We Diagnose Diabetes

Needle Exchanges Are Vital, But There's A Major Stigma Around Them. Here's Why.

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What Happens To Your Body When You Go Off The Pill

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Money Alone Can't Buy Us Happiness, But Gratitude Might Help

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How To Be There For A Depressed Friend

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Chocolate Could Get Healthier And More Delicious

Chocolate Healthy
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Why Cigarette Usage Is At Record Lows And Dropping

People Smoking Cigarettes
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This Is What Happiness Looks Like In One Photo

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The Hidden Brilliance Of Late Risers

Sleep Late
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You've Been Breathing All Wrong During Your Workout (Until Now)

Exercise Gym
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A Grieving Daughter Was An Icon Of The Ebola Epidemic. Now, Photos Of Her New Life Will Give You Hope.

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8 Simple Yoga Poses You Should Do Every Day

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What It Really Takes To Combat Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity
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These Quotes Totally Capture The Definition Of A Meaningful Life

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