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August 27, 2015

How to Show Up in the World Naked: It's Only Hair

Alopecia Carol_Anne via Getty Images

I know that my hair has allowed me to walk around anonymously. It kept me from being seen. I know that looking like a c*ancer patient is difficult because I don't identify as one. I know I am being forced to decide how I will show up in a new way in the world.

No, Donald Trump, The Problem Isn't Mental Illness

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Why Do We Have Trouble Remembering Our Dreams?

Getty Images/Vetta

5 Ways To Get Your Email Under Control

anyaberkut via Getty Images

Compounds In Flax & Sesame May Prevent Weight Gain, According To Study

Athena Image

6 Everyday Habits That Are Making You Bloated

B2M Productions via Getty Images

17 Foods That Can Help You Live Longer

Athena Image
Alexander Spatari via Getty Images

If Mental Illnesses Were Monsters, This Is What They'd Look Like

Athena Image
Toby Allen

We Aren't As Informed About Intellectual Disabilities As We Think We Are

Athena Image
SimplyMui Photography

Kraft Recalls Over 2 Million Pounds Of Turkey Bacon

Athena Image
Dendron via Getty Images

Before You Go Upside Down In Yoga, Practice This One Move

Yoga Yoga Practice Yoga Pose Studio Women
Chris Clinton via Getty Images

This Is The Best Way To Avoid Developing A Peanut Allergy

Athena Image
Adam Gault

10 Healthy Foods That Will Help You Sleep Like A Baby Tonight

Adorable Baby Beautiful Beauty Bed Blanket Blue Bo
Shutterstock / Diana Taliun

5 Myths About IUDs You Need To Stop Believing

Athena Image
Spike Mafford via Getty Images

Bottling Up Your Feelings Might Make You Less Likable

Athena Image
Johner Images via Getty Images

Reminder: Smoking Hookah For An Hour Is Like Smoking 100 Cigarettes

Athena Image
Ethan Welty via Getty Images

Here's Scientific Evidence That Crying Can Be Therapeutic

Athena Image
Idea Images via Getty Images

This Is What Chronic Illness Really Looks Like

Portrait Publication Web Event
Amanda Crommett Photography

Trouble Sleeping? Get Yourself Some Nature

Athena Image
Getty Images

Your Backyard Burgers Are Bursting With Gross Bacteria

Athena Image
Shutterstock / val lawless

Report: Nearly 47 Million People Now Have Dementia

Athena Image

6 Ways Introverts Vacation Differently

Athena Image
Everste via Getty Images

One Woman Documented Her Stay In A Mental Hospital To Expose The Reality Of Her Condition

Athena Image
Laura Hospes

But Really, You Need At Least 7 Hours Of Sleep Each Night

Athena Image

Why Getting Cancer Twice Is Actually A Sign That Treatments Are Getting Better

Athena Image

6 Ways To Find Your Passion And Live Your Purpose

Women Looking Out Office Window
Tom Merton via Getty Images

Sierra Leone Releases Its Last Known Ebola Patient

Athena Image

7 Sleep Doctors Reveal Their Favorite Tricks for Falling Asleep Fast

Getty Images

5 Ways To Stay Healthy While Working From Home

Athena Image
Tara Moore via Getty Images

ICYMI: Toy Labeling And What Really Happens Under General Anesthesia

Big Data Jun Cen Love Science
Jun Cen

5 Scientific Hacks to Maximize Your Vacation Happiness

Erik Isakson via Getty Images

The 8 Best Produce Picks For Late Summer

Athena Image
Kelly Cline via Getty Images

18 Really Simple Ways To Make Today Better

Athena Image
Tom Merton via Getty Images

When You Get Dissed, Your Dog Knows And Acts Accordingly

Athena Image
Damon Dahlen, AOL

11 Things Optimists Want You To Know

Athena Image
caracterdesign via Getty Images

Why President Carter's Melanoma Announcement Was Groundbreaking

Athena Image

A Science-Backed Reason To Reach For That Fourth Cup Of Coffee

Athena Image
Shutterstock / llaszlo

Here's What An Unsafe Abortion Environment Does To Women's Health

Athena Image
Tom Williams
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