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August 3, 2015

Why Everyone Should Unplug More Often

Smartphone Greatist

Scheduling regular "rest time" in the form of unplugging makes sense--like a muscle, the brain needs recovery time in order to develop and grow (and in this case, retain new memories). In fact, shutting off completely may be crucial.

Actress Lucy Hale On The Deadly Illness Everyone Should Know About

Lucy And Jamie
Voices of Meningitis

25 Ways To Get More Out Of A Five-Minute Break

AntonioGuillem via Getty Images

Stop Exercising To Lose Weight


6 Ways To Be Happier At Work

Athena Image

8 Ways To Vacation Right And Recharge Your Health

Athena Image

Exercise In Your Teen Years Pays Off, According To New Study

Athena Image

I Did Hot Yoga With 98 Degrees And It Crushed My Teenage Dreams

Hot Yoga 98 Degrees
Bud Light

11 Signs You're Actually 'Type A-Minus'

Athena Image

The Startling Truth About Why You Should Sit Up Straight


How an Introvert Learned to Connect


More Americans Have A Disability Than You'd Think

Matt Rourke/AP

Woman Sees For The First Time In Years Thanks To Bionic Eye


Fourth Death In New York Legionnaire's Disease Outbreak

BSIP via Getty Images

ICYMI: The Plight Of Veterans And Bad News About Your Favorite Selfies

Damon Dahlen/Huffington Post

7 Ways to Use the Power of Powerless Communication

Studio firma/Stocksy
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Everything You Need To Know About Anxiety, In Under 3 Minutes

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Eating More Salt Means Higher Blood Pressure, Confirms New Study

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