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February 7, 2016

The Reason People Run Ridiculous Distances Has Little to Do With Physical Fitness

Running lzf via Getty Images

That's the essence of flow: taking on something a little intimidating, conquering it, and relishing in the unbeatable reward of being able to do what was just a short while ago seemingly impossible. And if someone wants to chase that feeling for 50-plus miles, well, who can blame them?

Should You Eat All The Super Bowl Food? A Handy Flowchart

Athena Image
mphillips007 via Getty Images

There's A New Vegan-Ish Diet That's Changing The Rules

Athena Image
nata_vkusidey via Getty Images

10 Ways To Find Your Happy Place

Ilya Bushuev via Getty Images

Excessive Tanning Could Be A Sign Of A Deeper Problem

Athena Image
Bruce Yuanyue Bi via Getty Images

Russell Simmons Refutes Every Anti-Vegan Argument In 2 Minutes

Russell Simmons
Th Atlantic

How To Get Therapy for Less Than $10

Craig Smallish via Getty Images

5 Ways Toxic Relationships Are Ruining Your Life

monkeybusinessimages via Getty Images

10 Thoughts That Happen During A Panic Attack

Athena Image
Elizabeth Livermore via Getty Images

How Meditation Benefits CEOs

Creatas via Getty Images

A Simple Way To Break A Bad Habit

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stevanovicigor via Getty Images

An Important Meditation For Anyone Who's Too Hard On Themselves

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baifun via Getty Images

Why The New Depression Screening Recommendation Is A Step In The Right Direction

Gary John Norman via Getty Images

7 Things To Remember When Feeling Inferior

Confident Woman

17 Super Simple Ways To Be Happy Right Now

Steven Errico via Getty Images

5 Reasons The Government's Nutrition Advice Isn't Working

Shopping Trolley
Katrina Wittkamp via Getty Images

3 Myths Of Grief To Stop Believing

AlexanderNovikov via Getty Images

Bad News For Seltzer Lovers: It’s Not As Healthy As You Think

Athena Image
A. Aleksandravicius via Getty Images

The Food Americans Are Most Likely To Stress-Eat

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delmonte1977 via Getty Images

Don't Know Anything About Zika Virus? Start Here.

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Mario Tama/Getty Images

Tweeting, Not Sleeping? What Is Your Social Media/Sleep Balance?

Ken Drysdale via Getty Images

Can We Be Mindful At Work Without Meditating?

Laptop Buisness Man Filter
Caiaimage/Tom Merton via Getty Images

Woman Eats Like The 'Gilmore Girls' For A Week And Loses Weight

Athena Image
Scott Humbert via Getty Images

We Made It Our Mission To Be Happier In 30 Days -- And It Worked

Farm Ontario Canada 89 Years
DA2 via Getty Images

9 Little Hacks That'll Turn Your Crappy Day Into A Happy One

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RichVintage via Getty Images

12 Steps To Let Go Of A Grudge

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Ben Akada via Getty Images

A Work 'Frenemy' Can Actually Make You Better At Your Job

2010s20122013air Date 05022013colorcomedyepisodicgesturinggrouphalf Lengthhorizontalindoorkaratenbcu Photo Banknup_155303season 9selectother Keywordskarate
NBC via Getty Images

11 Easy And Effective Heartburn Remedies

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champja via Getty Images

6 Times It's Totally OK To Say 'No'

Getty Images/HuffPost
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