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May 29, 2015

Why I'll Tell My Son About My Suicide Attempt

I've always known that I would tell my son the truth about his uncle -- both how he lived and how he died. I've always known I would tell him the truth about me. I want to tell him the truth about everything -- even the scary, complicated stuff. Especially the scary, complicated stuff.

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Daily Meditation: In A Trance

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The Truth About What You're Putting On Your Bagel

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Karlie Kloss Loves Catching Up On Sleep, But There's An Even Better Way To Do It

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Here's The Perfect Cucumber Snack To Enjoy At Your Next BBQ


Should You Be Drinking Milk?

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Another Nail In The Coffin Of 'Gluten Intolerance'


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Here Is The Complete History Of Mankind's Finest Food: The Salad

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The Link Between Traffic Noise And Weight Gain

11 Reasons To Try Za'atar

Fitness In Middle Age Linked To Healthier Brain In Later Years

Healthy People Healthy Pets


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