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September 2, 2015

Is There a (Male) Nurse in the House?

Male Nurse Monkey Business Images Ltd via Getty Images

I can see in my mind's eye several of nurses, both female and male who have helped me heal. I have had it proven to me that nurses, a heck of a lot of them, really care about their jobs and their patients. And, I am glad so many caring men are among those doing the healing.

Are You A Nomophobe? How To Tell If You're Too Dependent On Your Phone

Athena Image
George Marks via Getty Images

Here's Why You Shouldn't Panic About This Summer's Legionnaires' Outbreak

Athena Image

10 Easy Ways You Can Practice Mindfulness

FDA Issues Warning Letters To 5 Powdered Caffeine Distributors

Athena Image

This 5-Minute Exercise Will Make You More Flexible

Athena Image
Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images

30 Truths Your Nurse Wants You to Know

michaeljung via Getty Images

6 Myths About Introverts To Stop Believing

Francesco Carta fotografo via Getty Images

Young Female Athletes Are Often Not Eating Enough

Athena Image
Jeremiah Deasey via Getty Images

Some Promising News When It Comes To Mental Health Stigma

Athena Image
Shannon Fagan via Getty Images

Your Lack Of Sleep Is Probably Making You Sick

Athena Image
IPGGutenbergUKLtd via Getty Images

The 15 Most Underrated Exercises, According to Trainers

Kettlebell Training

This Woman's Depression Tattoo Is Going Viral For The Best Reason

Bekah Miles
Bekah Miles / Facebook

9 Things Pessimists Want You To Know

Athena Image
Hero Images via Getty Images

Want To Lose Weight? Find A Great Doctor

Athena Image
Blend Images/John Fedele via Getty Images

More Black Patients Are Getting Kidney Transplants Thanks To Partial Matches

Athena Image

9 Weird Things Dehydration Does To Your Body

Drinking Water
Polka Dot Images

30 Lessons I've Learned In 30 Years

30 Birthday
Tetra Images via Getty Images

7 Ways To Approach Therapy Like A New Relationship

Wavebreakmedia Ltd via Getty Images

First-Born Women At Higher Risk Of Overweight And Obesity

Athena Image
Rostislav_Sedlacek via Getty Images

12 Qualities Of An Enlightened Person

Mindfulness Practice

This Sleep Habit Could Hurt Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Athena Image
Tetra Images via Getty Images

10 Reasons To Be Glad You're A Highly Sensitive Person

Athena Image
Diane Diederich via Getty Images

5 Simple Tricks To Make You A Better Runner

Jordan Siemens via Getty Images

Why I Wake Up At 5:30 AM Every Morning (And Why You Should, Too)

Sunrise Serene
Wolfgang Kaehler via Getty Images

8 Ways To Deal With Difficult People

Difficult People
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

ICYMI: New Orleans' Coroner And The Pros And Cons Of Egg Freezing

Athena Image
Alma Haser via Getty Images

What Real People Think About When They Run

Athena Image
Polka Dot Images via Getty Images

The Psychological Toll Of Displacement

Athena Image
Credit: Mario Tama via Getty Images

4 Things You Should Never Say To Someone With An Anxiety Disorder


No, Donald Trump, The Problem Isn't Mental Illness

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

7 Jump Rope Moves Even A Klutz Can Do

Athena Image
Eva Hill/Huffington Post

5 Ways To Get Your Email Under Control

anyaberkut via Getty Images

Why Do We Have Trouble Remembering Our Dreams?

Getty Images/Vetta

Compounds In Flax & Sesame May Prevent Weight Gain, According To Study

Athena Image

6 Everyday Habits That Are Making You Bloated

B2M Productions via Getty Images

17 Foods That Can Help You Live Longer

Athena Image
Alexander Spatari via Getty Images

If Mental Illnesses Were Monsters, This Is What They'd Look Like

Athena Image
Toby Allen

We Aren't As Informed About Intellectual Disabilities As We Think We Are

Athena Image
SimplyMui Photography
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