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March 6, 2015

A Prevention Diet: Good for America

Avocado lacaosa via Getty Images

Now is the time to work toward a world without cancer, and other preventable diseases. Americans can be a stronger, more vigorous and productive society. Let's start with a healthy diet, and an active, energetic lifestyle. That's a change that's good for all of us.

5 Machines You Should Never Use At The Gym

Worst Exercise Machines
efenzi via Getty Images

The Difference Between Being Mentally Strong And Just Acting Tough

Strong Sexy Woman
Rekha Garton via Getty Images

5 Ways To Survive Turning The Clocks Forward This Weekend

Daylight Saving Time
Tempur Sealy

Anti-Vaccine Haven Digs In As Measles Outbreak Hands Science Crusaders An Edge

Vashon Sign
Lynne Peeples

Little Evidence Antibiotics Are Tainting Our Milk Supply

Lise Gagne via Getty Images

5 Surprising Ways Mindfulness Can Change You

RunPhoto via Getty Images

13 Hacks To Help You Give Up Soda For Good

Stop Drinking Soda
Siraphol via Getty Images

How To De-Stress At Your Desk

Getty Images

6 Ways Smoking Affects Your Sleep

Woman Smoking

These Stunning Photos Reveal The Surprising Source Of America's Lettuce

Lettuce Field
Joe Satran/The Huffington Post

7 Ways To Make Running Feel Less Terrible

Make Running Fun
Stanislaw Pytel via Getty Images

The 8 Most Common Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders
Jordan Simeonov via Getty Images

How Your Daily Commute Affects Your Health

monkeybusinessimages via Getty Images

Watching Sad Movies Can Take A Toll On Your Waistline

Crying At Movies
uniquely india via Getty Images

What It Really Feels Like To Have A Panic Attack

chuwy via Getty Images

Testosterone-Boosting Drugs For Men Likely Overused

Testosterone Drugs
Bloomberg via Getty Images

5 Ways Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Diet

Tired And Eating
lofilolo via Getty Images

To Make Better Decisions, Pretend You're Deciding for Someone Else

Decision Making
Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

Do You And Your Dog Need Couples Counseling?

Dog Owner
damedeeso via Getty Images

Here Are The Top 10 Part-Time Jobs For 2015

Parttime Job
Garry Gay via Getty Images

7 Ways To Make Your Treadmill Workout Less Boring

Why You Should Prioritize Sleep

Sleep In America Poll 2015
Gary John Norman via Getty Images

8 Mistakes You're Probably Making When You Brush Your Teeth

Brushing Teeth
Getty Images/Tetra images RF

7 Ways To Take Control Of Your Happiness

Oliver Rossi via Getty Images

Dallas Ebola Nurse Slams Hospital, Claims They Used Her For PR

Nina Pham
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

9 Simple Rules Good Sleepers Swear By

Andrei Spirache via Getty Images
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What Everyone Should Know About Life With A Brain Injury

7 Flaws That Make You Absolutely Amazing

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Anti-Vaccination Activists To Blame For Bosnia's Measles Outbreak

Buenaventuramariano via Getty Images

9 Great Yoga YouTube Channels

Yoga Youtube
Leonardo Patrizi via Getty Images

What Nutrition Experts Eat On Vacation

Robert Deutschman via Getty Images

How To Beat A Bad Mood

Bad Mood
Shuji Kobayashi via Getty Images

3 Quick And Easy Ways To Prevent Running Injuries

Running Form
Dave and Les Jacobs/Kolostock via Getty Images

Improve Your Sleep To Improve Your Health

Sleep Health
Shutterstock / Maksim Shmeljov

How Our Social Connections Can Help Relieve Our Worries

Friends Laughing
Nick David via Getty Images

A Test For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue
The AGE via Getty Images

Why More Schools Are Letting Their Students Sleep In

School Start Times
shaunl via Getty Images

Do You Really Need To Cool Down After A Workout?

Workout Cool Down
AmmentorpDK via Getty Images

Surprising Racial Disparities Found In Flu Vaccine Rates

Vaccine Flu

How To Find Your Happiness

Happy Woman Rain
Amy Miller Photography via Getty Images

Why One Family At The Center Of The Measles Outbreak Is Reconsidering Their Anti-Vax Position

Measles Arizona