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June 25, 2016

Seriously, Unfollow #Fitspiration On Social Media

Viewing fitspiration images on Instagram was associated with an increase in negative mood and body dissatisfaction and a decrease in appearance self-esteem.

5 Major Health Mistakes Donald Trump Is Making

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Here's Why 'Brexit' Could Be A British Public Health Disaster

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Russell Boyce / Reuters

Yes, We Should All Be Taking Midday Naps

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B2M Productions via Getty Images

Having A College Education Linked To This Serious Health Risk

Academic Accomplish Achieve Achievement Back Behin
Shutterstock / hxdbzxy

Here's How To Build Resilience, According To Science

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Dave and Les Jacobs via Getty Images

7 Things Men Should Know About Vaginas To Make Sex Great Again

Food Grapefruit Purple Background Splash Water
Chris Stein via Getty Images

What Selma Blair Can Teach Us About Mixing Pills And Alcohol

Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters

6 Very Good Reasons To Take A Mental Health Day

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Kohei Hara via Getty Images

Release Back Tension With These Basic Standing Yoga Poses

VisualCommunications via Getty Images

10 Undeniable Reasons You Should Be Doing Yoga

Self Improvement Serene People Support Togetherness Vitality
Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

Zika Vaccine Headed For Human Trial

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Denis Balibouse / Reuters

These Gorgeous Yoga Photos Prove The Practice Is Truly Universal

Shilin Gorge Beijing Yoga International Yoga Day G
VCG/Getty Images

6 Science-Backed Signs You're An Older Brother

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Jade and Bertrand Maitre via Getty Images

Researchers May Have Just Discovered What Really Makes You Happy

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KidStock via Getty Images

11 Happiness Tips From Dads Who Know Best

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Esthermm via Getty Images

The Top 22 Fitness Gurus To Follow On Instagram

2024 Years Arm Beginnings Blonde Hair Cape Town Ca
Sam Edwards via Getty Images

This Famous Chef Credits Meditation For Transforming His Life

Horizontal Gastronomy Restaurant Restaurant Busine
TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images

10 Male Celebrities Who Are Smashing Mental Health Stereotypes

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Mike Pont via Getty Images

WHO Has Great News For Coffee Drinkers -- With One Caveat

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Carlo Allegri / Reuters

The DNC Hack Reminds Us That Trump Is Clueless On Health Care

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You Really, Really Should Never Comment On Your Child's Weight

David McGlynn via Getty Images

Adequate Health Care Is Struggle For Transgender People Worldwide

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Creatas via Getty Images
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