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3 Tips to Master Push-Up Form

BuiltLean | April 28, 2015 | Healthy Living
After applying these tips, you may notice a proper push-up is harder than what you may have done in the past and also more effective.
Elyse Gorman

15 Essential Keys to True Happiness

Elyse Gorman | April 28, 2015 | Healthy Living
Happiness is an art that can be learned. Instead of sitting around waiting for joy to descend upon you or searching for fulfillment in all the wrong places, consider how you can incorporate these keys to true sustainable happiness into your life.
Sarah Bunton

Why It's OK to Complain

Sarah Bunton | April 27, 2015 | Parents
I've always thought that if I complained, asked for help, or took a break that it somehow meant I was giving in and letting my struggles get the best of me. Thankfully, I'm here to tell you that that's just not true. It really is OK to complain sometimes.
Lexi Behrndt

To Those Caring for Sick Children

Lexi Behrndt | April 27, 2015 | Parents
As a parent of a child who was deeply cared for by a medical team for nearly seven months before he passed, I cannot describe the respect and admiration we, as parents, have for you who are in the medical field.
Jennifer Glass

At Last: I Want the Last Word as to How My Story Ends

Jennifer Glass | April 27, 2015 | Healthy Living
I'm doing everything I can to extend my life. No one should have the right to prolong my death. Endings matter, and I want the last word as to how my story ends. I want this for myself and for the people I love. Every Californian should have this option. At last.
Martin Pistorius

How I Escaped After Being Trapped Inside My Own Body for 12 Years

Martin Pistorius | April 27, 2015 | Healthy Living
Have you ever seen one of those movies in which someone wakes up as a ghost but they don't know that they've died? I couldn't make a sign or a sound to let anyone know I'd become aware again. I was invisible -- the ghost boy.
Sharlene Hesse-Biber

I've Got the BRCA-Positive Mutation Gene -- How Do I Interpret My Hereditary Risk for Getting Breast and/or Ovarian Cancer?

Sharlene Hesse-Biber | April 27, 2015 | Healthy Living
It behooves the medical profession who relate hereditary risk assessment percentages to do so in a way that women can interpret the subjective nature of these data and offer more guidance on just how at risk women should apply these numbers in the context of their own lived experience.
Hannah Helsabeck

5 Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Overripe Bananas

Hannah Helsabeck | April 27, 2015 | Taste
Timing is everything when it comes to enjoying fresh fruit.
Justin Ricklefs

3 Things I've Learned Watching My Sister Fight Breast Cancer

Justin Ricklefs | April 27, 2015 | Women
She didn't choose this battle. But I promise it messed with the wrong woman. Give 'em hell George. We're praying and pulling for you.
Belle Beth Cooper

Mood Tracking is a Chore. Here's Why I Do it Anyway.

Belle Beth Cooper | April 27, 2015 | Healthy Living
When I started tracking my mood I had a vague idea that it might be interesting to quantify how good or bad each day is (subjectively, of course). I had no idea what correlations I would discover, but I've found some fascinating ones.
Linda Bloom LCSW and Charlie Bloom MSW

Don't Check Out, Check In! 8 Easy Steps

Linda Bloom LCSW and Charlie Bloom MSW | April 27, 2015 | Healthy Living
Remember that the greatest gift that you can give to your loved ones is your own happiness, and you won't have much of that to give if you're feeling stressed out. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind and practice self-care by checking in.
Starre Vartan

How I Handle My Travel Anxiety: 5 Pill-Free Tactics

Starre Vartan | April 27, 2015 | Travel
My wanderlust is so strong that it manifests as a physical ache (like someone with their hand pushing on my back) and itchy feet. But as much as I love traveling, it brings with it significant anxiety.
Angie Sarhan

Why I'm Grateful for My Commute to Work

Angie Sarhan | April 27, 2015 | Healthy Living
I've always liked driving. When I first got my license I'd often go for a ride just for fun. Back then, driving was relaxing, enjoyable and freeing.
The New England Journal of Medicine

In Support of Same-Sex Marriage

The New England Journal of Medicine | April 27, 2015 | Healthy Living
The Supreme Court should require the full recognition of same-sex marriage throughout this country. If the Court rules otherwise, whatever the legal logic, a clear injustice will result. And that injustice would damage the health and welfare of millions of Americans.
Jennifer Langione


Jennifer Langione | April 27, 2015 | Healthy Living
"I didn't know you were into running," my grandpa said over the phone as I recovered on the couch a few hours after the race. "I didn't either," I replied, laughing. Others expressed similar surprise that the "gym girl" had now turned into a runner.
Sarah Blahovec

What Stress Means for a Chronic Illness Patient: A Workplace Primer

Sarah Blahovec | April 27, 2015 | Healthy Living
I don't like Crohn's symptoms and doctor's appointments, but I love challenges at work. New and interesting situations that make me think are invigorating, and I can use the adaptability I have learned over years to effectively address those scenarios.
Nancy Brown

Stroke Survivor Returns to Teaching, Marathon Running... and He's Striving for Much More

Nancy Brown | April 27, 2015 | Healthy Living
Viet and Maureen will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary in June. She understands better than anyone how his driven personality has gotten him this far in his recovery, and how it fuels him to continue pushing for more.
Don Joseph Goewey

My Perfect Storm of Stress

Don Joseph Goewey | April 27, 2015 | Healthy Living
I never would have written my new book, The End of Stress, if 30 years ago I hadn't experienced a perfect storm of stress. That storm should have killed me or left me seriously disabled. Ironically, it did the...
Dr. Hyder Zahed

Be Honest With Everyone

Dr. Hyder Zahed | April 27, 2015 | Good News
Honesty is a facet of moral character, which connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as, integrity, truthfulness, straightforwardness, forthrightness of conduct, with the absence of lying, cheating and exaggerating.
Rachael Yahne

4 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Inner Peace

Rachael Yahne | April 27, 2015 | Healthy Living
Do whatever you have to do to find that inner peace, and keep doing it. Sometimes you might find that the best kinds of peace-meditations don't happen while sitting on the floor cross-legged.
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