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Elyse Gorman


15 Damaging Myths About Life We Should All Stop Believing

Elyse Gorman | December 20, 2014 | Healthy Living
When you're grappling with a problem or lacking clarity, learn to lean into your soul and trust the wisdom it provides to you -- often in the form of a gut feeling, serendipitous sign or a spontaneous "aha!" moment.
Dr. Michael J. Breus


How to Keep Snoring From Hurting Your Relationship

Dr. Michael J. Breus | December 20, 2014 | Healthy Living
There are many good reasons to treat snoring, including restoring sleep quality, guarding against risks to health, and improving daytime functioning. Protecting the health and intimacy of your relationship is another important reason to treat a snoring problem.


Best of the Best: Top Gyms in the Nation

SELF | December 20, 2014 | Healthy Living
State-of-the-art equipment, innovative classes, on-site salons, rooftop lounges and car washes -- if the fitness world had its own Oscars, we would nominate these ultra-luxe locales.
Don McNay


Prayers, Facebook and Weight Loss

Don McNay | December 19, 2014 | Healthy Living
Until recently, my attitude toward prayer had been guided by President Harry S. Truman who said that "people who pray the loudest are the ones you lock your hen house from." Praying out loud was something I never did. Until Facebook came along.
Epilepsy Ontario

How Smartphone Apps are Helping to Manage Epilepsy

Epilepsy Ontario | December 19, 2014 | Canada Living
With the giant influx of health apps on the market it was only a matter of time before chronic disorders such as epilepsy began drawing the attention of application programmers. For those with epilepsy, this is excellent news.
Lydia Denworth


The Gift of Time

Lydia Denworth | December 19, 2014 | Parents
The day would bring no grand present opening and no homemade feast to enjoy, but there was also no stuffing to start, no breakfast for 12 to organize, no leftover scraps of paper and ribbon strewn across my bedroom floor.
Steve Bhaerman


A Work of Heart

Steve Bhaerman | December 19, 2014 | Healthy Living
What contribution -- grand or modest, private or public -- do you have to make to the greater good of all? Is it a project or idea of your own design, or something that already exists that you fervently want to advance?
Ora Nadrich


Are You a Mindful Listener?

Ora Nadrich | December 19, 2014 | Healthy Living
To be a mindful listener you need to truly listen, and what that means is maybe talk a little less. You'll have plenty of opportunity to speak what's on your mind, but by being a better listener, it will actually make you a more thoughtful speaker.
Jane Simon, M.D.


Keeping Our Eyes on the Ball: When (And Where) Expectations Meet Goals

Jane Simon, M.D. | December 19, 2014 | Healthy Living
We do well to define our ambition in order to gain the clarity of a baseball player who keeps his eye on the ball and home plate as his goal.
Olga Mecking


5 Tips for a Peaceful Family Christmas

Olga Mecking | December 19, 2014 | Healthy Living
The most important piece of advice for a peaceful Christmas I can give you though, is something I've read in a Polish article about Christmas: "Relationships come before traditions." Which is pretty much what the whole post is all about.
Brian Secemsky, M.D.


The Rise of the Employed Physician

Brian Secemsky, M.D. | December 19, 2014 | Healthy Living
Importantly, in an era where patients see an ever-increasing number of non-physician providers, it is likely that young doctors will require a much more conscious effort to maintain a sense of personal responsibility for the health and well-being of the patients they care for.
Matthew Basso


10 Healthy Habits for the New Year

Matthew Basso | December 19, 2014 | Healthy Living
2014 is coming to a close, so inevitably the chatter of New Year's resolutions is getting louder. It's great to start goal setting and structuring a program to make sure you're successful early; however, it's equally important to take note of what has and hasn't worked for your health and...
Kerry Vollherbst

How to Tap Into Inner Clarity for Your 2015 Vision

Kerry Vollherbst | December 19, 2014 | Healthy Living
Once you see where you're shape-shifting to satisfy your ideas about other peoples' desires, you get the awareness that your reality is made up of choices that you are making, not someone else. The beautiful, liberating news is that you are free to choose again.
Jenny Florence


Everything You Should Know About Bereavement at Christmas

Jenny Florence | December 19, 2014 | Healthy Living
For most people family relationships are the most challenging in our lives, so it's not surprising that if we are in a place of profound loss and vulnerability then spending time with family members at Christmas may trigger some complex emotional responses.
Sonya Hamlin


Holiday Homecoming: Who Does the Chores?

Sonya Hamlin | December 19, 2014 | Healthy Living
Everyone needs to adjust and give up a little control to celebrate and cherish the honored traditions. And in this more egalitarian world where men are being raised differently and sharing in the division of labor and even enjoying their place in the kitchen, the expanded family takes on a new definition and models a new dynamic for the next generation.
Nico Pitney


Nurse Has Helped Thousands Of Homeless Pregnant Women Rebuild Their Lives

Nico Pitney | December 19, 2014 | Impact
Martha Ryan's clients are society's most vulnerable women. They are pregnant and they are homeless. Virtually all were born into poverty, and many are battling addiction or are victims of domestic violence. And yet these women achieve extraordinary results. Over 90 percent of their high-risk pregnancies result in healthy...
Catherine Basu

5 Signs Your Fitness Instructor Is Giving Into Participant Pressure (and Costing You Results!)

Catherine Basu | December 19, 2014 | Healthy Living
In most gyms you can't keep your class if your participation numbers aren't consistently high. Instructors whose routines don't stand up to popular fitness knowledge aren't very popular with participants, and sooner or later they aren't teaching their classes.
Gary Nelson


Helping the Anxious and Sensitive Child in the Classroom

Gary Nelson | December 19, 2014 | Healthy Living
Children who suffer from anxiety disorders have mixed feelings about school. Most of them want to attend, but too often fear stops them from reaching their potential. The good news is, children are malleable, and fears can be conquered.
Dr. Dean Ornish


For Breast Cancer: It's Not Nature vs. Nurture -- It's Both

Dr. Dean Ornish | December 19, 2014 | Healthy Living
No one has all the answers, so whatever a woman who has the BRCA mutation chooses to do requires courage and an element of faith. And a lot of love and support.
Stephenie Zamora


Heal and Release What No Longer Serves You

Stephenie Zamora | December 19, 2014 | Healthy Living
I'm a huge fan of healing and release. As we peel away past layers of ourselves, hurts, limiting beliefs that no longer serve us, and anything else that needs to be cleared, we step more fully into the person we're here to be in this life.
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