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Janice Harper


Say Cheese! An Adventure With Fast Food

Janice Harper | Posted June 8, 2012

I mean, really. I said four or five times I didn't want any cheeseburgers. Was throwing them in some kind of insult? Later that night, we smelled something awful.
Marianne Schnall


Behind-the-Scenes At Oprah's Lifeclass With Tony Robbins And Deepak Chopra

Marianne Schnall | Posted June 8, 2012

Being at an Oprah show can at times feel like being at a Beatles concert -- when Oprah first comes out on stage the reception is exuberant and deafening, with everyone standing on their feet clapping wildly.
Lisa Belkin


Introverts and Extroverts in Parenting

Lisa Belkin | Posted June 8, 2012

How does an extrovert respectfully raise an introvert? How does an introverted parent not become overwhelmed by an extroverted child?
Arianna Huffington


My Interview With Susan Cain On The Power Of Introverts

Arianna Huffington | Posted June 8, 2012

Susan Cain's book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking taps into our growing need for unplugging and recharging. Let us know what your favorite ways are to find quiet in your life.
Richard Weissbourd


Why Our Kids Don't Believe Us When We Talk About College

Richard Weissbourd | Posted June 8, 2012

For many years, teens have lived with the gap between what adults profess and what they convey day to day about the importance of high status achievement.
Hyla Cass, M.D.


Trauma Release For Enhanced Health And Happiness

Hyla Cass, M.D. | Posted June 8, 2012

Energy psychology is both a clinical and a self-help modality that combines psychological and physical processes for bringing about therapeutic change.
Christy Matta, M.A.


Finding Joy When it Seems Out of Reach

Christy Matta, M.A. | Posted June 8, 2012

When you have good reason to be stressed out, it's hard to make positive changes. However, it's important to ensure that positive life experiences balance out stressful and overwhelming times.
Anne Naylor


Get Addicted... To Forgiving Yourself

Anne Naylor | Posted June 8, 2012

To open your heart and honestly express your mistakes, fears or doubts seems counterintuitive. And yet, when you do so, you touch and awaken other hearts to do the same.
Roya R. Rad, MA, PsyD


Tips On Building Commitment In A Relationship

Roya R. Rad, MA, PsyD | Posted June 8, 2012

In order for us to know how to commit, we need to understand what it means to be committed. People's needs are changing, and we live in a society where our individuality is a big part of our growth process and who we are.