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Maureen Case


A 20-Year Dream to Eradicate Breast Cancer

Maureen Case | Posted December 8, 2012

My doctor told me, "You have a little, little, little cancer." I was shocked. It didn't run in my family -- I even took the gene test, and I do not have the gene either.
Maureen Anderson


Why I'm Not Impatient For the Light to Change

Maureen Anderson | Posted December 8, 2012

I don't remember who first told me life is short, but it obviously made an impression. Maybe my grandmother, who guessed I didn't think I'd ever be as old as her -- and she was younger than I am now when she told me. Remembering that has made all the difference.
Rob Schware


Yoga: Helping Survivors of Sexual Trauma to Heal

Rob Schware | Posted December 8, 2012

Zabie Khorakiwala has managed UC Irvine's violence prevention programs for the past two years and became dedicated to providing survivors of sexual trauma with tangible ways to heal.


Tutorial: Two-Ingredient Homemade Deodorant That Works!

Organic | Posted December 8, 2012

My quest for an effective eco-friendly deodorant has been a long, expensive one. Until recently! I started playing around with making my own deodorant to save a little money, and I've finally settled on a simple recipe for homemade deodorant that works.
Art Markman, Ph.D.


Can You Be Unconsciously Creative?

Art Markman, Ph.D. | Posted December 8, 2012

Deliberate conscious thought involves both divergent and convergent processes. You are reminded of things you know about that might help you to solve the problem, and then you evaluate those ideas and focus on the ones you like.
Paul Knoepfler


Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Are Similar to Cancer Cells, But Nobel Prize Still Well-Deserved

Paul Knoepfler | Posted December 8, 2012

My lab just published a somewhat provocative paper (still in unproofed form at this point) arguing that induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells are very similar in some ways to cancer cells. As such, the clinical use of iPS cells should wait for a lot more study.
David Katz, M.D.


Updating School Food, and Why Kids Aren't Lovin' It!

David Katz, M.D. | Posted December 8, 2012

We want our kids to eat well because we want them to be healthy, and we want them to be healthy because we love them. They need to know that -- and that job resides with families, not government. They need to know that they can wind up loving foods that love them back.
Donna Mincieli, PTI, RD


Creatine for Anti-Aging?

Donna Mincieli, PTI, RD | Posted December 8, 2012

Creatine has been widely used as a sports and exercise supplement since 1992. Numerous studies over 20 years have shown that it is one of the few sports supplements that actually works and is completely safe for healthy adults.
Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff


To Fight Breast Cancer, Ribbons Should Mean Carcinogen-Free

Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff | Posted December 8, 2012

This year, the Breast Cancer Fund's "Prevention is Power" campaign is designed to take consumers beyond pink ribbons and toward understanding how to reduce toxic chemical exposures that are linked to the disease.
Mary Pritchard


Calling All Introverts!

Mary Pritchard | Posted December 8, 2012

The great benefits of being an introvert don't come from faking extroversion. They come from honoring yourself, knowing what's best for you, and living that as much as possible. Be true to yourself and you'll find being an introvert is not nearly as bad as it's made out to be.
Deepak Chopra


From Quanta to Qualia: The Mystery of Reality (Part 1)

Deepak Chopra | Posted December 8, 2012

Most scientists go about their profession as if the classical world were indeed an accepted reality. They do science at a level far grosser than the quantum domain, on the assumption that quantum behavior is confined to the microscopic world. But the usefulness of a reliable, fixed physical world is at bottom invalid.
Paul Spector, M.D.


How Often Should I Exercise?

Paul Spector, M.D. | Posted December 8, 2012

If I had a buck for every time I was asked this question, I'd be a rich man. It's a great question, and helps frame a conversation about what it means to be fit.
Ginnie Love


Emotional Affairs, Got One?

Ginnie Love | Posted December 8, 2012

Most couples dealing with the aftermath of an affair express sexual affairs not involving emotional attachments are easier to overcome than those which have involved the betrayal of emotions. After all, this intimacy and trust are the heart of relationship.
Sherri Graves Smith


Healthcare Is About Our Humanity: What I Learned Battling Cancer

Sherri Graves Smith | Posted December 8, 2012

Before I was diagnosed with cancer, I did not know how blessed I was to have my health, and I certainly did not realize how fortunate I was to have an excellent benefit plan, including health insurance, through my employer.
Irene Tanner


12 Elegant Guidelines That Heal From the Heart

Irene Tanner | Posted December 8, 2012

After decades of exploring the human potential movement and studying many methods of its gurus, I now believe that I have garnered enough information, instruction and experience to edit it all down to some simple guidelines that have proven invaluable to me.
William M. O'Barr


Let Them Eat Rice

William M. O'Barr | Posted December 8, 2012

It appears that all diet programs operate on the principle of calorie reduction. How they go about it is what differs.
Allen Frances


The Military Can Do More to Prevent Suicides

Allen Frances | Posted December 8, 2012

The military is to be commended for addressing its suicide problem -- but it needs to get down to root causes and to implement the obvious solutions that might make a difference.
Rami Hashish, DPT


The Three Ps of Running Shoes

Rami Hashish, DPT | Posted December 8, 2012

We're all different -- in the way we speak, the way we think, and unsurprisingly, the way we run. Thus, when determining the optimal running shoe, it's imperative to consider your Three Ps: pattern, passion and purpose.
Emily Timbol


It's Right to Outlaw Gay-to-Straight Therapy

Emily Timbol | Posted December 8, 2012

As a Christian, I support the California lawmakers who want to ban this therapy, aimed at turning gay kids straight. My hope is that if it is banned, the gay and lesbians youths who were going to attend will instead find understanding and respect.
Glenn D. Braunstein, M.D.


Does Stanford's Study on Organic Food Have You Seeing Red? Does It Mean You Could Save Some Green in Your Eating?

Glenn D. Braunstein, M.D. | Posted December 8, 2012

Except for the added cost, there isn't much of a downside to buying organic. But if you can't afford the added cost of organics, fill up your recyclable shopping bag with the freshest produce you can find and you'll be serving yourself and your family well.
Lawrence Rosen, M.D.


Does America Really Want Change?

Lawrence Rosen, M.D. | Posted December 8, 2012

The real problem is that the big dollar incentives don't line up. The folks with the most skin in the game (insurance and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and large medical associations) profit dearly from the status quo. More care equals more money.
Rhonda Britten


Fearless Living Boot Camp, Day 29 (VIDEO)

Rhonda Britten | Posted December 8, 2012

In the past month, 600 Boot Campers (including myself) had the courage to earn a whopping 19,267 fearless points. That's a lot of individual acts of fearlessness!
Maria Rodale


The Top 10 Reasons Why Every Kid Needs Organic Food

Maria Rodale | Posted December 8, 2012

Hello, readers! I was asked to give a talk to some parents at my kid's school, so I thought I'd share this with you, too. I've broken it down into 5 Scary Reasons and 5 Fun Reasons because the...
Lisa Earle McLeod


Why We Put Happiness On Hold (And How To Stop Doing That)

Lisa Earle McLeod | Posted December 8, 2012

We've all done it: putting our happiness on hold until some magical future date when the big thing that we want happens and we'll give ourselves permission to be happy. Here's the problem with that kind of thinking.
Bernie Saunders


Bringing Alive Renewal and Rejuvenation

Bernie Saunders | Posted December 8, 2012

Discovering, or more accurately, rediscovering our natural talents is what I call Natural Temperament. By reconnecting with our unique gifts, we re-teach ourselves to trust our instincts of imagination, curiosity, and resourcefulness.
Sharon Frey


3 Ways to Increase Your Focus During Meditation

Sharon Frey | Posted December 8, 2012

It can be hard to quiet our thoughts, whatever we're doing, despite our best intentions -- whether we're in a class, in a meeting, behind the wheel, or even sitting in silence. (Sometimes especially when we are trying to sit silently!)
Peter S. Goodman


Mitt Romney, Man of Compassion?

Peter S. Goodman | Posted December 7, 2012

Somewhere between his traditional social circle and the broader world -- a place inhabited by strangers whose jobs might require elimination in pursuit of profit -- Romney seems to lose emotional regard for the troubles of others.