08/13/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Voter Registration for Vets

In May the Department of Veterans Affairs banned voter registration drives in V.A. hospitals and other government buildings. Last week, the Senate introduced a bill to override the ban.

This ban hurts thousands of young veterans who have been injured while fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Young Americans aged 18-29, make up the largest voting bloc in history, with over 44 million eligible to cast a ballot. Thousands of young people have fought in Iraq or Afghanistan and many of them are just now eligible to vote in their first election. Banning the most basic act of democracy from Americans who have fought for our democracy just doesn't make any sense. We should be helping our veterans register and vote, not making it more difficult.

That's why 4,651 Rock the Vote members emailed their Senators on Wednesday, asking them to co-sponsor the Veterans Voting Support Act and see that it gets passed quickly.

Two days ago, similar legislation was introduced by the House.

The largest young voter movement in history is about more than just voter registration. Congress has begun to take notice of important voting rights issues, but it's up to young voters to stand up and take action. Our forty four million voices are only heard if we speak up.

If you care about our veterans and protecting their ability to vote, join Rock the Vote and email your Senators today.