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The Dalai Lama's Message and Youth Who Enable it

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International Campaign for Tibet summed up the Dalai Lama's March 10 address:

His Holiness the Dalai Lama today delivered his annual March 10 statement to the Tibetan people from Dharamsala, India, stressing openness, transparency and the free flow of information within China as the means for building greater understanding of the true situation in Tibet and greater trust between the Tibetan and Chinese peoples, and among Tibetans themselves.

In what appears to be a new initiative, the Dalai Lama invited Tibetan officials in Tibet to visit Tibetan communities "in the free world" to understand the aspirations of Tibetans in exile. Calls for first-hand observation in Tibet to ascertain the truth are frequently used by the Chinese government as a way of defending its policies in Tibet.

Several months ago though, in a small cafe just north of the McLeod Ganj bus station in Dharamsala, India, this project was already in motion. Learn more about COMMON GROUND: