04/13/2012 03:39 pm ET | Updated Jun 13, 2012

How to Follow Up on Internship Applications

With summer fast approaching, you have applied to every internship you can think of and are now checking your phone and email obsessively waiting to hear back. It's worse than the three-day waiting period after a great first date -- it's been almost a week now and you're dying to find out what that company thinks of your stellar résumé and solid references. Well, wait no longer. It's time to actively seek the internship opportunity you're vying for, and we're here to show you how!


Keep it simple: Apply dating rules to the internship follow-up process. After a date, would you call, text and email the other person incessantly to check in? We hope not. Instead, try sending one professional email to remind the company that you are still interested in the position. How you do this is important, though.

Don't use your smart phone to dash off an email that could be filled with typos or use your high school email account -- that means you, Also, avoid using "To Whom It May Concern." Instead, personalize the email a little bit by addressing it to the person in charge of choosing employees, like "Dear Human Resource Manager" or "Dear Mr. Smith."

Ask questions as they arise: Almost every internship you apply for will require a résumé and cover letter. But after applying, asking follow up questions or for a time frame of when the company will be making their final decisions will help you stand out.

Asking important questions about the process will show your potential employer that you are excited about the position and are eager to move forward in the process. But before you ask, check the company's website and job listing to make sure you're not overlooking any obvious information.

As summer internship season rolls around, keep the faith! With these tips, you are sure to score your ideal internship.

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