04/16/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Who is your Kryptonite?

Who do you give your power to? Who do you hold on a pedestal? Who do you think holds your life in their hands?

We have witnessed an amazing feat of our now elected President Barack Obama and how he was a target for many to bring down and stop his becoming president (and still is argh!). I am inspired by his becoming president to remember that I dream in life that I will continue to pursue my heart's intention and work in the world - no matter what!

That statement is true and I know there may be times I waver but for the most part I can hold to what I stand for. This year I made a huge decision to take my work to a broader audience and help those who struggle with Multiple Sclerosis and autoimmune disorders, much bigger than just "teaching yoga" which is what I was striding toward before. However, as I take each step to create a business that gives back on a bigger, more focused level, it begins to live on its own and I am sure a campaign for president is like that as well.

As I have been working, taking steps to gain experience along my path there are those who don't like what I am doing or disagree. On an intellectual level, yes, that is okay, but on an emotional level it's a totally different story. I prefer to stay with my feelings and not get too taken from my feelings but again I am human in the most perfect ways. I know my work is needed as the universe supports me but out there my kryptonite is hiding silently ready to be used when necessary. By whom, you may ask? Well, I was feeling pretty good about my recent project and then got an email that at first tore me down. Then I realized it was a blessing, but it stung pretty hard. About a week later the same thing happened and then I had to ask - why do I empower these people? They are minute compared to the love and support I get every day.

Then it dawned on me that I have given my power to these individuals to approve what I am doing! Note they were both men and I had plenty of forgiveness work to do and then realized that I had to do the work. No one else was going to let go of it but me. Nutty for sure but I feel we all do this and I have gone to the deeper question of why? Where does this stem from? Does this help me in any way?

I came up with this:

There are many parts of us that are working at all moments and many voices that have formed us into who we are. When there are doubters or critics we can say thank you, but no thank you, and release the need to allow them. This really is allowing yourself to let go of the power you placed on them.

It may take time (be patient) to discover that those who you give away your power to lay dormant. However, when it does happen, know that you are loved and supported. Also, remember that Barack Obama kept going, never loosing his cool in public or his dream to be president, even though there were many Lex Luthers around!

Some action steps for you to take:

1. Take a moment to contemplate who your kryptonite is.

2. See if you are ready to release their hold on your success.

3. Repeat 3X or more out loud- "I forgive you and I release you, thank you for empowering me to heal on a deeper level."

To learn more of how to transform your diagnosis into a platform for wellness and let go of what is holding you back, send in your questions and join me at my free tele-seminars at And if you want to connect your mind and body check out my yoga DVD Foundations.

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