8 Ways to Add More Color (and Nutrients) to Your Diet

04/27/2011 08:37 am ET | Updated Jun 27, 2011
  • Holly B. Clegg Author of the trim&TERRIFIC® cookbook series and specialized diabetic and cancer cookbooks

Have you ever decided you were going to start eating healthier, but weren't sure where to begin? To make it simple, all you have to remember is to eat with color! Green, red, orange and yellow -- the color in fruits and vegetables represents important vitamins and minerals your body needs to be its healthiest. A colorful plate ensures you will be eating a wide range of important vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants for optimum health and energy. They may even help to reduce the risk of cancer and disease, while also minimizing the effect of aging. And the brighter the better: Fruits and vegetables rich in color often contain more fighting power. When you're unsure where to start for a boost of nutrition in your diet, think color for a healthier diet:

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