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Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep: Celebtweets I'd Like to See

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Way back in the olden days, before Twitter was a gleam in anyone's eye, except perhaps the grandparents of the guys who invented it in 2006, there was a global chart-topping hit by a Scottish band named Middle of the Road called Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep in 1971. Evidence here and here, courtesy of those other geniuses who invented YouTube. This song has been running through my head as I formulated this column. But I digress . . .

Since now everyone and their mama has suddenly turned to Twitter as the NBT (that's Next Big Thing for you initialists) including, of course, large numbers of celebrities such as Martha Stewart, Michael Phelps, and David Lynch; and during the past week Time Magazine and the New York Times did some investigative reporting on the celebrity twitter scene - I thought I'd put out there to the universe a list of some celebtweets I'd like to see:

@Madonna (taking the kids to Kabbalah class; for the first time I'm thinking they're really not into it)

@SimonCowell (I'm God; did anyone doubt it?)

@SarahPalin (beautiful crisp clear day. feel like shooting a moose from an airplane)

@BobbyJindal (keep putting my foot in it. laying low for awhile and letting Michael Steele f*** things up)

@NancyPelosi (long day today; hope I don't fall asleep at work)

@DonaldTrump (these jerks are really getting on my last nerve - glad Rodman is finally history)

@RushLimbaugh (I'm so mad at the Dems my head just came off but my hand still works so I'm typing)

@AngelinaJolie (Looks like Madonna's getting ahead of me; I'm really feeling the urge to adopt again)

@LauraBush (really got used to that huge house on Penn. Ave; too easy to run into G in this smaller place)

@BernieMadoff (the big guy in the next cell wants to be my friend. help me!)

@BruceSpringsteen (think I'll play a song I've never played live before when we open the tour April 1)

@HughHefner (i can't remember what goes where. this too shall pass)

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