Weeds, Episode 3 Recap

07/24/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

(Warning: This article contains spoilers!)

We rejoin Lady Botwin in her kitchen as she attempts to stare down Cesar, the "minder" thoughtfully provided by baby daddy Esteban. The animosity between them is palpable. Suddenly, Cesar is relieved by the staunch, silent, smelly Sucio. It's clear that Nancy's firmly entrenched in a new world now; one where you're the mother of a Mexican druglord's baby. Her days of freedom are over. And she's none too happy about it.

Nancy's first comment about the extremely ripe Sucio is "Wow, is it too much to ask that he takes a shower?" to which Cesar sneers, "he's comfortable with his man-smell. Live with it." Apparently Sucio is usually the goon who excels in advanced interrogation techniques.

Celia has managed to stay in the rebel camp with Rudolfo. She's getting all over his last nerve as she advises him on the best language to use in writing ransom notes. She's no longer the captive - she's back to being the fully obnoxious Celia we know and loathe, the one that no one cared enough to save the life of.

Meanwhile, Sucio is overdoing the bodyguard thing at Chez Botwin little bit, pulling a gun on everyone who enters the house. Including Andy, Silas, Shane, and sister Jill. The plot thickens as Silas announces he would like to open a medical marijuana store in Ren Mar. When mom blanches, he reminds her that she's the one responsible for making this the family business.

Aunt Jill's brought Shane back home after he threatened to show her husband the cellphone photos he took of her laundry room tryst with Andy. She and Andy proceed to pick up where they left off with loud, boisterous sex. And Sucio proves to be the perfect man for Nancy - he's solicitous and caring, never talks back, and follows her around like a puppy dog. A puppy dog with a gun. There's a tender scene where Nancy makes them both peanut butter and banana sandwiches and they sit together munching them on the couch.

The dynamic between Nancy and Jill is way interesting, as both Mary-Louise Parker and Jennifer Jason Leigh are so damned good in their roles. You can really picture them in the same dysfunctional family as teenagers, where apparently Nancy (the younger) ran away from home leaving Jill to care for both ailing parents before they died. Jill wants to be Nancy, even now; until she finds out at the end of this show just what a pretty pickle her sister is in.

It's amazing that so many hilarious scenes can fall within a half hour. Nancy goes to the Mexican gynecologist Esteban has chosen with Andy after finding that she was bleeding. Andy's more than a tad horrified about his sister in law going to a doctor who speaks mostly Spanish. "A Mexican gyno! If you're putting together a mariachi band - yes, go Mexican. Down there you want a Jew."

In this week's 420 Moment, Doug and Silas attempt to file an application with the city to open their medical marijuana store. Doug, as usual, is completely stoned. When the clerk leaves the room to consult with her supervisor, he raids her desk and devours a bag of candy he finds there. It turns out they need the signature of a local law enforcement agent. They seek out a cop who cheerfully extorts them in exchange for his signature.

Sucio, alas, is not around for long. Nefarious forces are at play and the Botwin family ends the show on the run from they know not what.

This is going to be a good season.

Weeds airs on Showtime Monday nights at 10PM.

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