May 28, 2016

September Horoscope for Cancer

Your financial life will finally get back on track after September 6. If you've noticed that since July 25 you stumbled a bit in this area, this will be a month you make changes that will allow you to assert your worth on the job and reclaim confidence in your earning power. In some cases, this will include a major shift professionally.

A potent Lunar Eclipse on September 27 will fall in your professional 10th house. You might leave one career path in order to pursue another. Although scary, you'll ultimately be much happier. It's time to take back your empowerment!

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Love: Free to love

Expect a major break -- and a possible reward -- in your love life this month, Cancer! After September 17, Saturn will leave the area of your chart connected to love, dating and romance. Saturn has been in this part of your chart since October 2012 forcing you to define exactly what you want -- and don't want -- in matters of the heart. You might have experienced this as a lonely time and if so, you'll be thrilled to know that now, love will no longer feel restricted. Your heart can open!

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