July 23, 2014

February for Gemini

Cut yourself a bit of slack this month, OK? Mercury, your ruler, will be out of phase beginning on February 6. As a result, you might experience a few snags in career progress. If you have any vital correspondence to share with your boss or a higher-up connected to your profession, you may want to hold off until March. You might come across in a nebulous way or somehow misrepresent what you're trying to communicate.

What you'll have incredible success with during this time, however, has everything to do with using your imagination. If, for example, there's an old creative endeavor you've put on the shelf for "one of those days," this may be the month to dust it off and revisit it.

After February 12, you'll want to steer clear of any legal situation because there's a chance things could get messy. If you're involved in a lawsuit or you are required to make a court appearance, then you might stumble on your words more than usual. On the bright side, your lawyer might discover vital information that was previously unknown to him or her. This data may prove quite helpful, but you'll need to wait until after February 28 to benefit from it.

A Full Moon in your communication sector on February 14 might help you put the finishing touches on a writing project, sales pitch or negotiation. But remember: Hold off on signing anything until next month if possible!

Travel plans might be frustrating, especially if they're international. This will be the case all month long, but especially troublesome between February 12-28.

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Keep In Mind:

Career: So misunderstood

The Sun's presence is fellow Air sign Aquarius can inspire bright ideas until February 18. However, getting even the most brilliant concepts across with clarity may be the greatest professional challenge you face this month.

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Love: Muddled conversations

A spicy month is possible when it comes to love -- despite your ruling planet, Mercury, turning retrograde. Yes, Mercury will back track from February 6-28 and this usually does affect you more than most. Be mindful of the classic "dos and don'ts" during Mercury Retrograde. Some of these include not signing contracts, making important decisions or verbal agreements, and allowing extra wiggle room in all communications due to the likelihood of misunderstanding. At the same time however, this Mercury Retrograde phase doesn't seem to hinder your romantic prospects. In fact, it might offer an opportunity to discuss matters in the past and finally resolve them.

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