October 23, 2016

Horoscope by Rick Levine, Tarot.com

Lending your emotional support to a friend or relative today can have a positive influence on a difficult situation. You are exceptionally empathic while the receptive Moon is traveling through your sign. Additionally, the Sun's shift into passionate Scorpio and your 4th House of Emotional Security shines the spotlight on personal responsibilities. Taking the time to strengthen your family relationships and fulfill your domestic obligations enables you to build an enduring foundation for the future. A person never stands so tall as when they lean down to help one in need.

Horoscope by Rick Levine, Tarot.com

Horoscope by Rick Levine, Tarot.com

Weekly Love Horoscope

Leo Love Forecast for the Week of October 17

Week of October 17th, 2016

After Tuesday you'll have the most delicious romantic energy at your disposal. Venus will move into your true love sector and remains in this part of your chart until November 11. If you are single, this will offer you remarkable support to meet someone new -- someone with the power to capture your heart. Be open to new experiences and to meeting someone who is not your usual type. You might be happily surprised.

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Horoscope by Maria DeSimone, Tarot.com

Monthly Horoscope

Promising possibilities

October will be a month of solid developments in the communications arena. After October 7, you can anticipate progress in at least one significant contractual matter or negotiation. In fact, on October 11 Mercury will align with Jupiter, allowing for the best possible outcome in any decision made, or contract signed. Also, if you are thinking of buying a new car, this will be a perfect day. You may also hear happy news from a sibling. Alternatively, if you have any type of speaking engagement scheduled near this time, your words will sparkle.

A Full Moon on October 16 might bring a welcome end to a legal matter. Or, if you are ready to publish a book you might release it close to this Full Moon. Are you a student? There might be an important licensing or qualifying exam during this time. Don't worry; you'll do great!

Love planet Venus will enter your 5th House of Romance and Pleasure on October 18. This is when the fun really begins! If you are single, this will be when your potential to meet someone who'll capture your heart will be off the charts! If you are taken, expect plenty of romance between you and your sweetheart during this time. If you have any children, this will be a happy time for you and them as well.

A development in real estate may occur near October 30. You may also hear wonderful news from a relative around this time. Celebrate!

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Horoscope by Maria DeSimone, Tarot.com

Horoscope by Maria DeSimone, Tarot.com

Lessons in love

This month love is surely in the air! On October 18 Venus will move into your romance sector, which will help lighten up the heavy lessons Saturn has been teaching you in this part of your life. Until November 11 you'll enjoy this grace, and it'll feel like an extraordinary sigh of relief. Now, you'll be able to freely enjoy time with your lover again if you're dating someone. If you're single, this stretch of time could very well be when you find "The One."

Of course, if you are facing love lessons this month because of karmic Saturn, you'll come to a realization by the end of the month what needs to happen. If there's anything morally sketchy in your relationship, things will come to a head by October 29.

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Horoscope by Maria DeSimone, Tarot.com

About the Sign

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

The Lion is considered the king of the jungle, and likewise you Leos have an air of royalty about you. Some Leos even have hair resembling the thick mane of the Lion. But Lions are more than roar, for they are truly magnificent beasts. The Lioness proudly cares for the young, hunts and takes care of survival with relentless intent and ferocity, when needed. And proud are you Leo! Perhaps that's why Leo often chooses work that puts you in the center of stage or in the spotlight of appreciation.