June 25, 2016

September Horoscope for Leo

It's time to rejoice! On September 6, Venus will finally turn direct in your sign after having been retrograde since late July. You might have spent the last few weeks struggling to reclaim a feeling of self-love and respect. Although you're a sign that exudes confidence, the truth is that you have a soft shell of vulnerability in this area and require more ego boosting than other signs. Lately, you might have needed to learn how to stop searching for validation from others and instead, look deeper within. If you've learned this lesson, then you can expect plenty of joy moving forward now that Venus will be strong in your sign for the rest of the month. Wonderful!

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Love: That grand romance

You're ready to purr again this month, Leo. In fact, you're ready to roar! That's because Venus, the planet of love, has been traveling retrograde in your sign since late July causing all sorts of problems in your love life. You might have also experienced a few frustrating self-worth issues that you needed to sort out over the last few weeks. Thankfully after September 6, you'll feel comfortable -- and beautiful -- in your own skin again. Then, you'll be ready to pursue that grand romance!

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