May 3, 2015

February for Pisces

As the month begins, you may feel more out of sorts than usual. On February 6, Mercury will turn retrograde in your sign, which can aggravate any already existing confusion in your mind. If there's a decision you need to make that's vital, hold off until after February 28, when Mercury Retrograde ends.

Your best bet this month is to carve out plenty of time to be alone with your thoughts. Sorting them out privately will not only prove beneficial, but it might also aid in healing any worries you start out the month carrying.

On February 14, a Full Moon in your work and health sector might bring attention to these areas of your life. If you've been neglecting your health, it's possible you'll now feel extra run-down, and you will know that something has to change. This will be an ideal time to rid yourself of an unhealthy habit, such as smoking, excessive drinking or overeating. At the office, you may hear news that someone is leaving their position or has been fired. You might also complete a major project, but if this happens it'll be after you've spent extra time revising your work.

On February 23, your imagination and intuition will soar! Use this day to work on any creative endeavor or to extend your compassion to someone less fortunate than yourself. You'll feel incredibly connected to a higher power on this day, and you will have remarkable faith and optimism.

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Keep In Mind:

Career: Play a supporting role

This is a transitional month that starts out with you getting less attention than usual and ending with a chance to take the spotlight. February rolls in with the life-giving Sun in quirky Aquarius and your 12th House of Obscurity. While this is an excellent position for gaining perspective, it's not that easy to advance your agenda. Taking time off, tending to your personal needs and completing unfinished business are more constructive activities now. Getting some distance from a stressful situation will provide you perspective to make better decisions about your career.

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Love: Slow start, strong finish

Go easy on yourself in February -- especially if your sweetheart accuses you of not communicating in an open manner. It's unlikely that you intend to come across in a less than honest way. In fact, you probably aren't. The trouble is that on February 6 and until February 28, Mercury will turn retrograde affecting your ability to communicate clearly.

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