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Say Where?! Exploring the Strangest Hotel Destinations in the World

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By Jacqueline Lunn,

In a bid to capture the patronage of bored billionaires, the Russians plan to have a four-room hotel in space by 2016, 350 km (217 miles) outside of Earth's orbit. Despite initial estimates of a five-night stay in the hotel costing more than $150,000 (the trip alone on a space shuttle will set you back around $800,000), accommodation in the individual space pods will be more about experience than luxury. It's not about thread count or front desk service or the correct number of olives in your martini; it's all about space, man! It's about watching the earth rotate, peering out your hotel window to see 16 sunsets and sunrises in one day, figuring out how to wash your hands and add salt to your dinner in zero gravity. You know -- your regular, everyday outer space stuff.

A space holiday on the intergalactic horizon made us think about all those hotels on earth that just might scratch that unique location itch. From feeding orangutans after a swim in the resort pool to falling asleep in a glass igloo beneath the Northern Lights, we tracked down hotels that even make Google Maps smile:

Exploring the Strangest Hotel Destinations in the World
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