10/31/2010 11:50 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Arianna: Don't Overinterpret The Midterm Election Results (VIDEO)

Appearing as part of a roundtable on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday, Arianna warned against making the mistake of overinterpreting the results of Tuesday's midterm elections.

"This victory by Republicans, which I fully expect -- I fully expect them to take over the House -- does not mean that the nation in rejecting Democrats and affirming Republicans. It means that they are rejecting the way our institutions are working, that they have a deep mistrust of all establishments."

She and George Will also commented on the fact that Afghanistan has not been an issue at all in the election campaign.

"We are in our 10th year of our longest war. This is the most deadly year in the decade in Afghanistan, and it is astonishing that it has not become an issue," Will said.

"Afghanistan proves why the media's insistence on seeing everything in terms of left versus right breaks down," Arianna replied. "You have George Will and Russ Feingold and me and many people across the political spectrum believing that Afghanistan is making us actually less secure," she said.


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