06/14/2010 10:27 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Arianna On 'Morning Joe': Frustration With Federal Oil Spill Response Goes Beyond Political Left, Right

Arianna appeared on "Morning Joe" Monday to weigh in on the White House's response to the BP oil spill.

She explained that frustration extends beyond the political left and right, and pointed to the administration's lack of urgency in reforming the Minerals Management Service, the corrupt regulatory agency that oversees the oil industry. Arianna also took issue with the White House's willingness to accept BP's estimations on the size of its spill.

"As recently as ten days ago, we had Admiral Thad Allen saying that he trusts Tony Hayward," Arianna said. "How can they still trust after everything [BP] said, which is completely untrustworthy?"

Arianna argued that going forward, President Obama should use the BP oil spill to engage critics of federal government about government's proper role in tragedies like the oil spill.

"The key here is, can he use this as a teachable moment about the role of government? Because you have Republican governors who have made a career out of attacking the government, saying the government is not doing enough to solve that problem. So could we have a debate here about the proper role of government?"

She went on to stress that assertions by the Chamber of Commerce that American taxpayers should help to shoulder the cost of the spill are flat out wrong.



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