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Arianna: There's No Time To Lose In The Fight To Save The Middle Class

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Arianna appeared on PBS' "Newshour" with cohost Gwen Ifill Thursday night to discuss the ongoing "crumbling" of the nation's middle class and the threat of a slide toward "Third World America."

"I know it's a jarring phrase, Gwen, but I chose it deliberately because I felt that we needed a warning," Arianna said. "We needed to sort of sound the alarm about the trajectory we're on, about the middle class crumbling. And the middle class is the foundation, not just of our democracy and our prosperity but our political stability."

There is time to restore that stability, Arianna said, but the nation can't wait much longer. "We really have a certain time, a window during which we can course-correct and turn things around," she said. "And I end the book on an optimistic note that we can do that, but only if we bring a sense of urgency to the undertaking."


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