11/06/2011 05:20 pm ET | Updated Jan 06, 2012

Arianna Discusses The 'Right To Rent' Proposal On 'This Week' [VIDEO]

Arianna discussed a proposal that aims to help foreclosed homeowners stay in their homes, in an appearance on ABC News.

"I have a favorite good idea I'd like to mention, which is to deal with foreclosures with this bill called 'right to rent,'" she said. "You're foreclosing on the home and instead of throwing out the people, why don't you keep them in the home and have them pay rent at market rate?"

In addition to allowing foreclosed homeowners to stay in their homes, the right to rent proposal would also help spur a rebound in the housing market, Arianna said. Though home prices rose in half of major U.S. cities in August, the glut of foreclosed homes still on the market is driving home values down.

Foreclosures drag down the value of surrounding property values twice as much as vacancies, according to a recent study from the Cleveland Federal Reserve.

"There's no government money that is used," Arianna said of the right to rent proposal. "It means that you don't increase the supply of foreclosed homes for sale, which affect prices across the nation and it means that all of these people are not out of a home."

Watch via ABC News:

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