05/04/2011 11:12 pm ET | Updated Jul 04, 2011

HuffPost's Howard Fineman Discusses Obama's Upcoming Visit To Ground Zero On MSNBC's 'The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell' (VIDEO)

HuffPost's Howard Fineman appeared Wednesday night on MSNBC's 'The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell' to discuss President Obama's upcoming visit to Ground Zero, as well as the fact that former President George W. Bush declined Obama's invitation to visit the site.

Fineman explained of Bush, "he's largely stayed out of the political spotlight. I have to say, having covered his entire presidency, that this is a guy who at best had a very mixed attitude toward politics and toward the limelight. So, you have to give him some credit or at least some understanding for that." He went on to say that Republicans and Democrats have different views about why Bush declined the invitation.

Summing up his own opinion of the matter, Fineman said, "I think, knowing him, he wanted to just stay away so as not to bring more controversy to himself. He'd had enough of it during his tenure."


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