HuffPost TV: Alex Wagner Talks Obama Reelection On 'The Chris Matthews Show'

04/05/2011 02:09 pm ET | Updated Jun 05, 2011

HuffPost's Alex Wagner took part in a roundtable discussion on this weekend's episode of "The Chris Matthews Show" to discuss President Obama's upcoming reelection campaign, which was officially announced on Monday.

Wagner predicted that the president, despite having to contend with the fact that he was a "pragmatist" who had made large promises in his 2008 campaign, would hone his message on some of his tangible first-term victories.

"I think he's going to point to landmark legislation. I think the idea of hope and change and such is gonna morph a lot, but I think he has some very concrete things that he's won in the last couple years and he's gonna point to things like immigration reform or clean energy reform -- big ticket issues that are going to play well with the American electorate," Wagner explained.

Matthews then asked Wagner how the president's reelection campaign would handle the foreseeable stream of Republican attacks.

"The idea Obama is a positive, he is an optimistic guy," Wagner responded. "His 'win the future' [message] is part and parcel of that and he fundamentally wants the American people to believe and feel like they are part of this lurching, beautiful democracy that we are all moving forward, and I think that's very much how he is going to move forward in the next two years."