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HuffPost's Nico Pitney Discusses Move Your Money Campaign On MSNBC (VIDEO)

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Huffington Post National Editor Nico Pitney appeared on MSNBC today to discuss the Move Your Campaign, a movement that encourages people to switch their accounts from the big banks to community banks.

Pitney argued that the movement has steadily been gaining steam, with more and more people signing up for accounts at community banks. The campaign is really about creating a better banking system, Pitney said, by demonstrating to the big banks that there is a penalty for accepting massive amounts of taxpayer funds in bailouts while at the same time rewarding their executives with lavish bonuses and arbitrarily raising rates and fees on their customers.

Community banks can also offer a more personal banking experience with better service. The Move Your Money campaign makes it easy for customers who are fed up with the big banks to find an alternative.


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