05/26/2010 08:49 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Roy Sekoff On Ground Zero 'Mosque' Uproar: The Key to Pissing People Off: Location Location, Location (VIDEO)

Plans to build a "mini-mosque" and Islamic community center near the site of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks have been received with praise and deep criticism.

Joy Behar invited HuffPost editor Roy Sekoff, author Pamela Geller, and Daisy Khan of the American Society for Muslim Advancement to weigh in on the project known as Cordoba House during a panel on "The Joy Behar Show" Wednesday.

Geller argued that at 600 feet, the proposed community would be too close to ground zero and that it would be disrespectful to the victims of Muslim extremists. Sekoff asked Geller where she draws the line.

"When it comes to pushing hot buttons, they say the three most important things: location, location, location," Sekoff said. "So at what point... would 800 feet be OK? Would two blocks around the side of it? Three blocks? Three and a half blocks?"

Sekoff suggested that some of the controversy might be because of the project's presentation.

"When you hear '13-story mosque,' you go 'Wow, there's a lot of praying going on there!,'" Sekoff said. "But then when you find out that there's a swimming pool, a basketball court, you know a lot of it is in the presentation."

Behar agreed and compared the project to a Jewish Community Center on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

On Tuesday, the project known as Cordoba House, won a key endorsement from a Manhattan community board. But board's endorsement hasn't silenced critics who view the center as insensitive to victims of the terror attacks.