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Roy Sekoff On 'Larry King Live': John Edwards Debacle Is Like A Bad Telenovela

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John Edwards's fall from grace is worthy of a Greek tragedy or a telenovela, according to HuffPost's Roy Sekoff.

Roy appeared on Larry King Live Thursday to weigh in on the separation of John and Elizabeth Edwards and the allegations leveled against the former presidential candidate by a former aide. People magazine's Galina Espinoza was also a guest.

John Edwards, Sekoff argued, is now the poster child for hubris, ambition and hypocrisy.

Sekoff: "Remember when the worst thing that they said about John Edwards was that he spent too much on a haircut? Those were the good days... Don't forget, when he was a senator, he trashed Bill Clinton for his affair with Monica Lewinsky. And then he turns around and makes a sex tape with his pregnant girlfriend, while his wife has cancer--I mean, how far can you fall?"

Sekoff said that even Elizabeth Edwards doesn't come off smelling like rose.

Sekoff: "Last night, Obama in his State of the Union address, talked about the things that create cynicism, and it's stories like this. I mean what do we believe any more? [Elizabeth's] a very sympathetic figure, but at some point, she has to accept some complicity in the fact that throughout the campaign she lied to the American people. She was a party to lying to the voters."