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HuffPost's Sam Stein Discusses Osama Bin Laden's Death On MSNBC (VIDEO)

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HuffPost's Sam Stein appeared on MSNBC Wednesday night to discuss Osama bin Laden's death with Cenk Uygur. Stein appeared alongside Hisham Melhem of Al Arabiya News Channel.

Discussing the details released by the White House about bin Laden's death, Stein explained, "the White House has been trying to explain that they're getting information to the press and to the public as soon as they learn it. Obviously there's been differing narratives that have come out in successive days. And I think everyone has to take a deep breath and start digging a little bit more and waiting for more detail."

He continued, "I think it's going to take a bit more journalistic elbow grease to finalize what exactly happened, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Administration is forced to revisit its narrative once more."

Regarding President Obama's decision not to release photos of bin Laden, Stein predicted that the photos would eventually leak to the public. He said, "when the photos do eventually get released, and I'm guessing they will, the President can then turn around and say, listen, I didn't want these being out there, they got out there, I wish they hadn't, but these are the photos."

WATCH (via MSNBC - Stein appears starting around 6:50):

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