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NY Poll Shows McCain Leading Giuliani

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B | January 21, 2008 01:34 PM EST | AP

— THE RACE: The presidential race for Democrats and Republicans in New York.



Hillary Rodham Clinton, 48 percent

Barack Obama, 32 percent

John Edwards, 9 percent

Undecided, 7 percent



John McCain, 34 percent

Rudy Giuliani, 19 percent

Mitt Romney, 19 percent

Mike Huckabee, 15 percent

Fred Thompson, 6 percent

Undecided, 5 percent



McCain is leading Giuliani in the former New York mayor's home state. While 51 percent of Giuliani's backers say they are firmly committed to him, only 35 percent of McCain's supporters strongly back him. Of registered Republicans, 46 percent think McCain is most likely to beat the Democratic presidential nominee in November.

Clinton and Obama are competing for votes in New York City, where half the state's Democratic voters live. Clinton has 43 percent there compared with 39 percent for Obama. Of likely Democratic primary voters, 59 percent believe Clinton, a New York senator, has the best chance to defeat the Republican nominee.


The WNBC 4/Marist poll was conducted by phone from Jan. 15 to Jan 17. It involved interviews with 1,467 registered voters in New York and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent.


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