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Haiti earthquake – by the numbers

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The Associated Press | January 26, 2010 06:10 PM EST | AP

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The earthquake that hit Haiti, by the numbers:


_ Magnitude-7.0 at 4:53 p.m. EST (2153 GMT) on Jan. 12

_ Aftershocks: 56 of magnitude-4.5 or greater.


_ Bodies recovered: 150,000 (includes 54 Americans, 44 Europeans)

_ Estimated dead: 200,000

_ Rescued from collapsed buildings: 134

_ Injured: 194,000.

_ Children who are unaccompanied, orphaned or lost one parent: 1 million

_ People enduring amputations or other surgery: 200,000.


_ Homeless: 1 million.

_ Living in makeshift camps: 700,000-800,000

_ Tents needed for homeless: 200,000 family-size.

_ People who have fled Port-au-Prince for the countryside: 236,000.


_ Structures destroyed: 70 percent in broad areas of the capital; 90 percent in towns closer to the epicenter.

_ Schools destroyed or badly damaged: 90 percent throughout the capital.

_ People who need food aid: 2 million

_ People receiving food aid: 400,000


Backlog of planes waiting to land at the airport: 800-1,000.

Flights landing per day: About 140.

U.S. military: About 20,000 troops, 18 ships.

U.N. peacekeeping troops and police: 12,500

Donations: More than $1 billion from governments, including $575 million from Europe and $316 million from U.S. government, in addition to $470 million in donations through private U.S. charities.


Sources include the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, U.S. Geological Survey; European Commission Monitoring and Information Center; U.S. Agency for International Development; International Organization for Migration; U.S. Department of Defense; The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Save the Children.